Fun Homemade Mousepads Idea

Homemade Mousepads

Homemade Mousepads

As some may know, I deal with computers all day long and I like to have my computer space feel at home, comfy, and cute!  One of my first sewing projects was to create some Homemade Mousepads!  Thanks to Pinterest I found a pattern that showed me exactly how to do it and I must say that it was pretty easy; even beginners could do it!  I know, the material combination sounds weird, but the outcome was awesome!  Check it out!

Materials Needed:

  • sewing machine
  • fabric
  • non-slip shelf liner
  • paper towel
  • modpodge


  • Cut your fabric in the size you want your mousepad; then cut a bigger piece of the shelf liner.
  • Layer the fabric, shelf liner, then paper towel and pin them together; don’t skip on the paper towel otherwise it will get stuck to the foot of the sewing machine.
  • Sew your mousepad carefully around the edge; after you are done sewing, pull the paper towel carefully away from the sewing line (it will come away easily).
  • Grab a brush and cover the fabric in a thin layer of Modpodge to make the mousepad smooth.
  • Let it dry and if necessary put weights on the corners so the pad doesn’t curl.
  • Let it dry completely and cut the excess of mat on the edges.

Homemade Mousepads


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