Plucky’s Blogging Tips and Tricks Series – Recap

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Wasn’t this a FUN Blogging Tips and Tricks week??  Oh my gosh, I am just OVERJOYED at the comments and compliments that I received about the series!!  :)  I’m so proud of how it turned out! :)  It was nice to see a WIDE variety of bloggers come together to share their Tips and Tricks!  I am SO proud of these talented ladies and hope to feature EACH one of them again on Plucky’s Second Thought!

Here are the topics that were covered:

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    • Thanks Katie! :) The series has been a HUGE success!! I hope all bloggers involved reaped the benefits too! :) Thanks again for helping out!

  1. […] Blogging Tips & Tricks | Bridal Shower Ideas | Wedding Ideas What made you start your blog, and how long have you been blogging? Ever since I stopped publishing my own newsletter, I’ve missed it dearly. Therefore, what better way to combine all of these aspects of what makes me, me, than to start my own blog?! Plucky’s Second Thought is on it’s third attempt and we are going strong and are here for the long haul! Share one of your most embarrassing moments (that you can look back on and laugh)! I’m pretty sure that there are WAY too many to name. LOL Things tend to happen to me OFTEN. I’ve called businesses and thought they’ve answered, but realized it was a machine that I was talking to. I’ve also saw the “delivery” sign on the back door at Applebees and informed my family that Applebees delivers. If you could travel to anywhere in the world for vacation, where would you go and what would you love to do there? PARIS! I’m hoping to get there next year, that’s the plan anyways. I’ve been obsessed with the country since I was little and then when I took five years of French in High School, that only fueled the fire. […]

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