Easy Christmas Snow Globes tutorial

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Snow Globes

Since everyone has been asking me for the Snow Globes Tutorial, I thought I’d give you all a Thanksgiving present early!  ENJOY!  :)

Who doesn’t love snow globes?  I literally could sit for hours and just shake them all around.  I love them!  :)  When I found an idea on Pinterest on how to make your own snow globe, of course I had to give it a try!  You could probably do this idea with children, but DO NOT let them use the glue on their own.  :)

Snow Globes Tutorial


  • jar (with seal and lid)
  • Gorilla glue
  • trees (or any other object you would like inside that could handle water)
  • glitter
  • filtered water
  • ribbon or twine

Snow Globes Tutorial

I’m the type of person that when I make something, I like it to stick and STAY.  LOL  This is my main reasoning to use Gorilla glue!  :)

The first step is to take the seal of the jar and glue your trees (or other objects) to it with the gorilla glue.

Snow Globes Tutorial

Once you have all of your trees (objects) glued to the seals, let them sit for at least two hours so they dry completely.

Snow Globes Tutorial


After the glue has dried and your trees (objects) are in place, put about one inch of glitter into your jars, or enough to cover up the bottom of the trees (objects).

Snow Globes Tutorial

Next, add water.  When you add the water, the glitter will float and not absorb right away, therefore you’ll need to stir it with something to make sure the glitter soaks into the water; I used a plastic knife.

However…what I learned after doing this the first time, let the water sit for a bit (maybe 24 hours) to see if the glitter will absorb any more water (I’m 99% positive it will.); if so, add some more.  Make sure you fill the jars up almost the top.

Snow Globes Tutorial

Now it’s time to put it all together!  :)  Again, since I like to make sure things stick…hehe…when it came time to put everything together, I added Gorilla glue around the lid of the jar before I sealed it.

Snow Globes Tutorial

After everything has been sealed, do let these jars sit for another couple of hours to make sure the glue tries before it possibly gets wet.  While it looks like the water is tinted with food coloring, I promise you that it’s not.  I think the trees changed the color of the water, which in my opinion, gives it a very pretty texture!  :)

Snow Globes Tutorial

I am impatient, I must admit, so while the jars were still “upside-down,” I tied some ribbon around them to add that personal touch!  :)

…and then you wait…  :)

Snow Globes Tutorial

And then after a few hours, turn them over and watch the magic happen!!  :)

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