Sharpie Mug tutorial

Sharpie Mug

I needed a cute gift for my sister’s bridal shower, and since her wedding has a state theme, I thought this Sharpie Mug would be perfect!  I had seen them all over Pinterest, but had never tried it before, until now.  :)  Don’t you think it turned our cute??  :)  I also had to make myself one!  :)  So in this Tutorial, you’ll see about 3 different versions of Sharpie Mugs (Ohio, Illinois, and a Freehand one), but they’re all made the same.

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Anyways, onto the Tutorial!


  • Permanent Sharpie markers
  • White Coffee Mugs
  • an oven


For the state mugs, all I did was use the Cricut and cut out a state outline and taped it to the mug.

Sharpie Mug Tutorial

Next, I took a black Sharpie and colored over the state.

Sharpie Mug Tutorial

Next, be careful not to smear the ink, but remove the cut out state.

Sharpie Mug Tutorial

Finally, I drew a little heart on the city that my sister is from!  :)

Sharpie Mug Tutorial

Here is the Freehand mug that I drew for myself.

Sharpie Mug Tutorial

When the mugs have dried, place them in a cold oven and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes for the paint to bake onto the mugs.  When 30 minutes is up, turn off the heat and allow the mugs to cool in the oven for an hour before handling.  :)

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