10 DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

10 DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Whether you want to save some money, like to be hands-on, or can’t seem to find the perfect centerpieces for your wedding, you might want to consider creating them yourself. Not only can a DIY approach keep money in your pocket, but it also lets you get creative and design the perfect centerpiece to complete the look and feel of your big day. There are tons of resources out there, like Azazie, that can give you inspiration for your wedding from the dress all the way down to the accessories. If you’re having trouble finding the right inspiration, though, check out the ten DIY wedding centerpiece ideas below.

Wood Planters with Greenery

For just a few dollars, you can purchase wood planks from your local home improvement store or could find some used pallets or old barn wood to use. Once you’ve got the wood, you can create rectangle planter boxes and stain them or leave the wood raw. After the planter boxes are set, you can go and pick some of your favorite green plants from your local nursery (or find some faux plants at a craft store or online) and fill the boxes up. These are a great option for long tables since they will run along the table and take up more space in the center.

Fresh Flowers in Recycled Bottles

If you want to do this one, start saving your wine bottles! You can get fresh roses and some baby’s breath, or any other complimentary flower combo to place in the bottles. You could even take it a step further and dip or paint the bottles in your wedding colors to help them better match the theme. These centerpieces might be simple, but they’re nothing less than stunning.

Colorful Candy in Clear Jars

Whether you want the jars to be uniform or are going for an eclectic feel, you can collect clear glass jars and bowls, then fill them with candy that matches the colors of your wedding. If your colors were pink and white, you might consider some saltwater taffy. If you want to offer chocolate, though, you can order custom-colored M&Ms with special messages for your big day. These centerpieces are quick and easy but super sweet.

Flowers in Sand

If you’re having a beach-themed wedding, these could be the perfect centerpiece for you—they’re classy and beautiful but simple and easy. All you have to do is get class cups or jars and fill them half full of sand. After that, choose your favorite flower (fuller flowers like peonies or chrysanthemums are best) and set them on top. They’ll add texture and color to your tables while keeping the beach vibe.

Little Potted Cacti or Succulents

If you’re having a southwestern themed wedding (or are hosting your wedding/reception in a southwestern city), potted cacti or succulents are a great way to incorporate the landscape into your decorations. Even if you’re not in the southwest, succulents can make a beautiful and fresh centerpiece for your tables. You can pot them yourself or purchase them ready to go, and if you want to ensure that they blend with your colors, you can paint the pots to help them fit in.

Healthy Snacks on Tower Trays

You don’t have to put out granola or kale chips (those don’t typically go well will wedding décor), but you can use other healthy snacks and treats like grapes, orange wedges, celery, carrots, etc. They may be unconventional décor (and snacks for a wedding), but when you arrange them on tower trays, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how pretty they can be, and they’ll help hold your guests over between the ceremony and reception and give them a healthier alternative to the sweets to be served later.

Wood Slices and Candles

If you’ve attended a rustic or outdoor themed wedding, then you’ve probably seen wood slices incorporated somehow. They make a beautiful, natural addition to wedding décor, and they could be a key part of your dream centerpieces. Try placing a large wood slice in the center of the table and topping it with different sized candles (LED are best since they don’t pose a fire hazard).

Boxes with Sand, Shells, Seaweed, and Candles

Another idea for a beach-themed centerpiece is a shallow box with sand in the bottom, then shells, (fake) seaweed, and candles floating in water. It’s a great way to capture everything beach in one little are and make your guests feel like they’re there (if your wedding/reception isn’t right on the beach).

Painted Pumpkins and Mini Gourds

If you’re getting married in the Fall, pumpkins and gourds are a must. You can paint them your wedding colors, leave them as is, or dip them in glitter to add a little flare. Then, all you have to do is stack and arrange them on your tables on a complementary runner, and you’ve got the perfect fall-themed centerpieces that are nothing less than romantic.

Silk Flowers and Citrus Fruit

You might be surprised at just how decorative citrus fruit can be. This type of centerpiece would require some arranging skills, but the result is worth it and absolutely stunning. You can collect your favorite flowers with hints of orange, yellow, green, etc. Then, amidst the flowers, try adding some whole oranges as well as orange wedges, or instead of oranges, limes or lemons. Not only will the centerpiece look good, but it will also smell incredible.


Which centerpiece idea is your favorite? Do you have any others to add?


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