2018’s Hottest Bar and Cocktail Trends

2018’s Hottest Bar and Cocktail Trends

It’s a new year full of exciting ideas, serious resolutions to do better, and of course fancy new cocktails to brew up.

If you are in the bartending industry of course!

For those looking to start this brand new year with a bang, garner more customers (and higher tips), and help your bar become the local hotspot in Texas, it is time you ramp up your cocktail game and get in on the hottest new trends expected to reveal themselves soon.

Take a look at what experienced bartenders across the nation are saying will hit bars big and small, educate your palate and hone your skills, don’t forget to get your TABC renewal secured, and get in on some of the fun right away.

Increased Sustainability

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, so too do bars that are aware of the waste that they produce on a daily basis.

As a result, the very first Sustainability Summit was held in 2017.  Aiming to educate bartenders of all kinds how to become more environmentally friendly, without sacrificing the energy that bars provide their clientele, this special event also inspired business owners and bartenders to reduce their waste as a way to boost their bottom line.

Japanese Gin

As Japanese whiskey became increasingly popular this year, United States distillers like Asahi Breweries and Suntory jumped at the idea to produce Japanese gin.

Here are some of the top contenders:

  • Nikka Coffey Gin
  • Ki No Bi Dry Gin
  • Suntory Roku

And, while these have already been released, these flavors are still new and are expected to take over in 2018.

Veggie ‘tails

Culinary cocktails have been all the rage lately.  Taking ordinary kitchen flavors and turning them into delicious cocktails is more of an art form than anything, and people love it.

But what people haven’t had much experience with is vegetable cocktails.

Up until recently, fruits and house made syrups and tonics have been the foundation for all culinary cocktails.  However, flavors such as carrot and beet are finding themselves infused into bar drinks more than ever.

Lower Alcohol Percentages

Not all bartenders are in the business of getting people tipsy.  In fact, high-end bars and restaurants are looking to serve up lower percentage alcohols that will pair well with a dinner entrée.  This way people can enjoy a delicious cocktail without going overboard.

Not Your Average Ice Cube

In order to draw in more people, and set themselves apart from the competition, some bars are trending towards haute ice to make drinks more exciting.

Cracked, cubed, hand crushed, spherical, and even flaming ice is all the rage and is hitting bars far and wide.

Look at some of the most popular ones being served up right now and take notes:

  • Elixir in San Francisco.  Using Gläce Luxury ice, which is a single ice sphere, your cocktail’s ice cube is sure to last longer meaning less watered down drinks and more flavor.
  • Laurelhurst Market in Portland.  Although just for show, their flaming ice stunt sure draws a large crowd, and brings in plenty of dough.
  • Rob Roy in Seattle.  Chipping away at a huge block of ice to seamlessly fit whatever cup or glass you have takes chipped ice a step above the competition and makes this bar stand out from the crowd.

As you can see, there are some thrilling new things hitting the stage this year in your Texas bar that will have loyal customers coming back for more, and new customers interested in checking you out.


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