21 Fantastic Gift Ideas Your Husband Will Love

21 Fantastic Gift Ideas Your Husband Will Love

Are you struggling to find the ideal gift for your husband? Well, wonder no more. Whether you are looking for a present for his birthday, Christmas, anniversary or just to show the special man in your life how much you care, we have 20 fantastic gift ideas your husband will love.

Bottle of Whiskey

Does your hubby love nothing more than a nice glass of whiskey after a busy day at work? Treat your partner to a premium bottle he will love almost as much as you, such as a Glenmorangie Milsean, 18-year-old Highland Park or 16-year-old Lagavulin Single Malt.

Driving Experience

If your husband is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you can guarantee he will love nothing more than driving a luxury sports car around a track for the day. He will feel a rush of adrenaline before he has even stepped inside a sophisticated vehicle, and will feel a buzz of excitement from the roar of the engine, which will propel the car at incredible speeds around the track. It is an experience he is unlikely to forget.

A Luxury Watch

Do you have a love that could stand the test of time? Buy a luxury timepiece for your husband, which he will treasure throughout the years. Select a digital or analogue watch that complements his taste and style, and choose either an everyday watch or a formal timepiece he can wear on special occasions.

Pool Table

A pool table will provide your husband with hours of fun, as it is a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day. Whenever life feels a bit stressful or bored, he can enjoy a little downtime to play a game or two of pool. It is also a great game to play together, or he can invite his friends over for a couple of games and a few beers.


Does your husband love to read on the commute to work, before bed or in his spare time? If so, buy him a pile of fantastic books. Whether he loves historical fiction, short stories or non-fiction, you can trust there will be many books he will want to read. You could even look at his Amazon Wishlist to see if there are any books to tick off his list.

A New Coat

Keep your partner warm with a stylish new coat that complements his personality and style. It is one gift he will use time and again, and you could always keep the receipt in the chance that he wants to change it to a different color or design.


Every man loves a cool pair of sneakers on his feet. Whether your husband likes a box fresh pair of Nike Air, crisp white Adidas footwear or the latest limited-edition Yeezys, you can guarantee he will appreciate a good pair of sneaks, and will be thankful for the time and thought that has gone into picking the perfect style.

A Leather Wallet

Are you tired of watching your husband root around the home for his credit card, or does he need a place to store his jingling coins? If so, buy him a wallet so he can keep all his money and cards in one place. It is a much-needed gift he might not have thought to buy for himself.

City Break

Surprise the special man in your life to a romantic city break. Arrange everything from the transport, accommodation and activities, which will show your husband how much you care. Wow him with the bright lights of New York, allow him to explore the beauty of Barcelona, or learn more about Edinburgh’s remarkable history.

Golf Clubs and Balls

Does your husband view himself as the next Tiger Woods? Buy him a new set of golf clubs and balls, which will allow him to perfect his swing on the golf course or driving range. Maybe he has never played but is looking for a new sport? Find the best golf balls for beginners.

Beer Making Kit

A beer making kit is a perfect gift for a man who likes a drop of beer every now and then. He can spend time creating and fermenting his very own beer, which he can proudly pour into a glass or bottles once the fermentation process is complete. It is a fun way to learn how beer is made, and your husband will feel a sense of achievement as he takes a sip of his first home brew.

A Hamper

Not found anything to suit your husband on the list yet? Well, here is one gift idea that might be the perfect solution. All you will need to create a hamper for your husband is a gift basket and your husband’s favorite treats, such as candy, chips and soda. You could even add in a new pair of PJs, mug or a video game. It is a thoughtful way to show your husband how well you know him, and he will have fun exploring all the many different gifts.

Messenger Bag

Does your husband have a job that requires him to carry documents and devices from A to B? Allow him to transport the items in style by buying him a high-quality messenger bag. It will blend seamlessly with smart office attire or casual clothing.

A Drone

Gadget lovers will love nothing more than using a drone to explore the skies. Look for a drone that is both fast and stable, and add a camera so he can take great videos and photographs from a height. For example, you should buy a drone that can incorporate a GoPro or a micro DV camera. It will allow him to see the world from a whole new perspective. You can trust he will want to take it everywhere.

Leather Jacket

You don’t need to be a motorcyclist to adorn a leather jacket. It is a staple item of clothing that complements almost every outfit, and it will look effortlessly cool. There are also many colors and styles to choose from, such as a classic black leather jacket or a brown leather jacket with a shearling collar.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones will provide your partner with more freedom when listening to music or watching movies. For example, they are ideal for use when running in the great outdoors or exercising at the gym, as he will not be restricted to wires into a device. He can simply press play, put on the headphones and move freely. You could even invest in headphones that repel sweat, moisture and dust, and include a long battery life.


Many men love to spend their summer days standing over a BBQ, grilling cuts of meat under the summer sun. If your partner loves a good barbeque, treat him to the daddy of all gas BBQs, which will allow him to create tasty dishes for all the family or during a garden party.

A Designer Suit

Every man needs a beautiful suit hanging in his wardrobe. If your husband is a clothes lover, treat him to a sophisticated designer suit, which will make him look and feel good. It will become a staple item in his closet that he will love to pull out for work or a special event. Don’t forget to invest in a high-quality pair of shoes to complement the suit, too.

DIY Guitar Kit

If your husband loves to sing and play on a guitar, we might have the ideal gift for him for his next birthday or your anniversary. Surprise him with a DIY guitar kit, which he can assemble himself. It is a fun way for him to learn the mechanics of the instrument, as he will have to add together the routed neck and fingerboard, as well as the nickel-plated hardware. Once the guitar has been fully-assembled, he can then make some wonderful music on the instrument he made himself.

A Compact, Cordless Drill

Does your husband have a flair for DIY? Encourage him to embrace his passion with a compact, cordless drill, which will become one of the most used tools within the home. It is the ideal gift for carpenters, builders, remodelers, woodworkers, crafters and DIY enthusiasts.

Stand Mixer

If your husband is more of a baker than a DIYer, allow him to bake to his heart’s content with a high-quality stand mixer. Buy a stand mixer that will take the hassle out of mixing, kneading and grinding, so he can focus on creating delicious bakes time and again. He can, therefore, spend much of his free time baking tasty batches of cookies, loaves of bread or scrumptious cakes, which you will happily try. It is almost a gift for you, too!

Have you got a great gift idea for husbands? We would love to read your advice. Feel free to share your helpful tips and ideas in the comment section below.


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