3 Easy Card Tricks That You Can Do Right Now

3 Easy Card Tricks That You Can Do Right Now

Who doesn’t want to become a magician? All of us dreamt of becoming a magician. But the big problem is some of us are scared to commit a mistake when making a trick. Actually, with proper practice and enough knowledge, you will be able to familiarize some easy tricks as well as build your magic collection from there.

Either way, if you are looking forward to doing some easy tricks but don’t have any idea of what you are going to do, no worries because we are here to help you.

In this content, we have compiled some easy tricks that are sure to wow your viewers and make them insanely joyful.

Easy Card Tricks for Children and Beginners

Mind Reading

Before starting your trick, count 25 cards, however, make sure to do this in the area in which your viewers can’t see you.

When presenting your trick put the 25 cards on top of the pile and then hold them somewhat apart thus you have an idea where they end. On the other hand, divide the pack of your cards into 2 piles at the point wherever the split is.  

Put the 25 cards on the table facing downward and ask one of your viewers to pick one from the cards you are holding. Allow him/her to show his/her chosen card to the rest of your viewers to memorize it.

Ask them to put the card back on top of the pile of cards you are holding and then combine the 25 cards from the table.

Deal the cards and count up to 26 silently. And there you have it the chosen card of your viewer. Actually, it is one of the easiest card tricks that you can do right now.

Memory Game

For this trick, you will need 52 cards. Now what your viewers do not know is that you already have an idea of what is the bottom card. With that said, make sure to memorize the card and keep it in the bottom.

Ask a viewer to come to you, and fan out all the cards in front and ask the volunteer to choose a card and memorize it. The card should be facing down to so that the viewer does not suspect you. Collect the cards and keep the viewer’s card on top of the deck. Afterward, ask the viewer to divide the deck into two.

Get the cards and look for the ace of hearts. And the card which is on the left of the ace is the viewer’s chosen card.

Float & Spin A Card in the Midair

For this card trick, we are going beyond raising and spin a card in the midair. It’ll then rise to your hand strangely. In fact, it is very easy especially when you already know the secret.


Tricks aren’t only for magicians. By simply doing some easy card tricks just like the above-mentioned ones you will be able to entertain more people and make them happy.


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