3 Ways to Hobby Like a Hero

Hobbying isn’t a new concept and people have been finding ways to occupy their free time since the dawn of time. Some hobbies aren’t inherently constructive or beneficial, like binge-watching seven seasons of television series, while others can be good for you and the world. Traditionally, hobbies provide some sort of relief to the hobbyist, whether it’s a sense of calm, a release of anger, or self-satisfaction.

Yet, there are many hobbies that can be good for you and beneficial to the world. If you’re looking for a new hobby that can instill a sense of pride and make the planet just that much better, then look no further.

3 Ways to Hobby Like a Hero

Start a garden

Gardening has been a popular outlet for hobbyists for some time. It allows people to literally reap the benefits of their hard work when plants begin to flourish. You can choose to plant flowers or garden for aesthetics in general, or you can plant foods such as fruits and vegetables. You can benefit from gardening in many ways, such as noticing reduced stress levels, a formation of a symbiotic connection with the planet, getting a form of exercise, and an increase in brain function. Besides that, you can actually use the produce that you create to help feed the hungry citizens of the world. Donating your produce to homeless shelters or other charitable organizations can be a great way to give back by hobbying. Even during the winter when planting is impossible, you can set up an indoor hydroponic station to keep your hobby going and the hungry fed. Typically, there are three types of lighting used for indoor planting: fluorescent, LED, and HID. Learning how to garden indoors can also be a great way to challenge yourself.

Save the ocean

Saving the ocean sounds like an unobtainable goal but the great thing about hobbies is that you don’t always have to reach the end. Sometimes, a hobby is all about the experience, the journey that you take not to reach a final destination but to feel good about yourself. Cleaning the ocean, however insignificant you think your contribution may be, is one of those hobbies. What you’re doing is not only good for yourself but is directly benefiting planet Earth and the rest of her inhabitants. What’s scary is that only 1% of the world’s water supply is suitable to drink and once that’s gone, that’s it. You can spend your free time cleaning up the beach, donating your time to local marine organizations, or starting a community clean-up program yourself. Whatever you decide to do, you’re not only helping yourself but you’re helping the world.

3 Ways to Hobby Like a Hero

Be charitable

Being a charitable person may not necessarily count as a hobby (although it can if you want it to) but doing charitable things can certainly count. Being charitable doesn’t mean you have to donate money either, you can donate your time and resources as well. With one-fifth of the world’s migrant population living in the United States as of 2017 and an unfortunate number of underprivileged citizens as well, there are always things you can do to give back. Your hobby could be spending your Saturdays at a soup kitchen feeding the homeless or teaching impoverished youths invaluable life skills after work. Almost any type of charitable deed could be counted as a hobby and you would be getting more from it than any woodworking or canvas painting activity. Even offering to drive people to and from shelters and food banks or transporting goods for your local charity could be a hobby. Limo drivers average about 105 trips each week taking people to and from their destinations while you might average 12 trips a week transporting goods that will feed and clothe families in need.

There are a million hobbies you can come up with that benefit yourself and others and these are just a few to get the ball rolling. Even something that is relevant to current situations such as helping migrant children at the border can be considered a charitable hobby. Don’t box yourself into believing that a hobby has to be a traditional activity! Throw the box away and do something that makes you feel good and helps the world become a better place.


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