4 Businesses You Can Manage 100% Online

4 Businesses You Can Manage 100% Online

Technology has made it possible for businesses to develop even without physical involvement. This means that as an aspiring entrepreneur, you can easily set up your own business for a fraction of a cost compared to setting up a physical store.

If you are an entrepreneur hoping to venture into the online world of business, all you need is a great idea, some startup online marketing skills, and a little bit of your time to set up your company up and running. What are some great ideas for an online business? This article presents 5 examples that you can start on.

Consultancy business

Consultants will always be in demand. In fact, the consultant salary in 2018 has been higher than ever, as a lot of them are required in several industries for the workforce. Thankfully, there are ways to set up an online consultancy business. You can either set up your own company website or join a company offering an independent contractor relationship where you can pick up clients. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

When you start your own company, you can establish your own brand. However, it may take a while before your business takes off as you need to constantly put it on the market. If you plan on joining another company, they take care of the marketing for you, and all you have to do is work on your skills at being a consultant.

E-commerce store

E-commerce stores are gradually increasing in popularity thanks to Amazon’s success. In most e-commerce stores, entrepreneurs are either sourcing physical products or making their own products. A way to make this fully online is using the dropshipping business model.

In dropshipping, you have to contact a trusted supplier with whom you can order your stocks for a lower price. As a customer purchases a product from your storefront, you will instruct the supplier to send the items directly to them. You can earn a profit through this and you don’t even have to handle the products yourself. A lot of people have earned thousands of dollars through the dropshipping method.

Digital products store

Another idea that can be easily made online is making your own digital products store. Example of digital products are e-books, online courses, videos, podcasts, and other paid content which is in digital format. The return on investment with this business idea can be high, especially if you create the content yourself.

You don’t have to keep on ordering items because the digital products don’t have to be reproduced. All you have to do is provide a download link after the customers pay for your products. However, this business may be difficult to manage as there will be those who are competing within your industry. You have to supply a digital product that is high in demand by low in competition.

Digital marketing company

Another type of company you can manage online with a high demand is digital marketing. A lot of businesses hope to promote their products and services online. This can prove difficult if they don’t have experience when it comes to SEO, social media marketing, or even the management process can be time consuming.

If you offer your services to take care of these company’s digital marketing process, you may get several clients who are willing to pay you to do the work. All you have to do is to study what works, and to always be updated with the latest trends in digital marketing.

As you explore these ideas, keep in mind that online business are convenient, but not always easy. You still have to put in the work and effort to make sure that your company succeeds.

Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a graphic designer and freelance writer that has been running his businesses 100% online for the past several years.


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