4 Reasons You Should Never Carry Out Roof Repairs Yourself

There are times when it can be tempting to do roof repairs yourself, such as trying to repair what looks like minimal damage or when trying to minimize the cost of repairs after a major storm. However, roofing is one of those things that you never do yourself unless you have significant experience doing roofing jobs. Here are 4 reasons you should leave roof jobs to professionals.

4 Reasons You Should Never Carry Out Roof Repairs YourselfRoyalty Free Photo


The average homeowner rarely has the proper safety gear and fall-protection equipment to allow them to move freely on the roof without risk. Even if you have a ladder and some of the safety equipment required, not everybody knows how to use them properly. Don’t risk the serious injuries that come from a fall off the roof in addition to injuries you risk any time you’re working with tools.

A side benefit of hiring professionals is that their insurance will cover the costs if one of their team members gets injured or if bystanders get hurt while they’re doing their job. That’s on top of the fact they’re less likely to get hurt in the first place.

Quality of Work

The quality of work matters more on your roof than it does inside your home. Failure to properly seal a hole could allow water in, or not re-installing flashing correctly because you really don’t know what you’re doing could damage other elements of the roof. In either case, trying to do it yourself risks requiring an extensive roof repair later or needing to replace the entire roof. It would be definitely cheaper to hire professionals like Zimmerman Roofing for instance.

Then there’s the fact that roofing contractors can get better quality materials than the average homeowner could. In fact, they could get top-rated materials at a discount, so they can get the best materials for the cost you’d pay for an inferior product. In any case, hiring a qualified contractor reduces the odds someone will have to come back to repair that section of the roof or replace it later. If the contractors do make a mistake, their warranty should cover the cost of materials and labor to fix it.

The Legal Benefits

Roofing systems manufacturers often have warranties for their products. However, they typically require that the materials be installed by a professional roofing contractor. Furthermore, any repairs to the roof must be done by a qualified professional or else the warranty is void.


One reason to hire professionals is for efficiency. It could take you more time and aggravation to try to fix the roof yourself than it would take the professionals to show up with the supplies and get the work done right the first time. It is certainly better than worrying about the risk of needing to replace walls later because a DIY roof repair job let water seep in. Let someone else fix the roof while you deal with everything else that needs to be done.

Things like changing light fixtures or laying new flooring can always be done yourself. However, you should leave the roof repairs to the professionals if you care about your safety.


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