4 Ways To Decide Between Horizontal And Vertical Blinds

4 Ways To Decide Between Horizontal And Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds or horizontal blinds, which should you choose? If you’ve decided to outfit the rooms in your home with all-new blinds, you might get a little stuck trying to decide between vertical blinds and horizontal blinds. Both of these options have their own advantages. In this article, we are going to look at a few factors that you can keep in mind while you make your decision.

Considering the Windows

Many experts suggest that you should first start by considering the kind of window you will be outfitting in order to figure out the best kind of blinds. Usually, sliding doors feature vertical, longer blinds, particularly since they are easier to push back out of the way compared to their horizontal counterparts. However, narrow and taller windows work much better with horizontal blinds, since the thinner slats tend to be sturdier and easier to open and close in smaller window frames.

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The Direction of the Sun

You need to consider the direction of the sun when deciding whether to get horizontal or vertical blinds. On average, vertical blinds are used on those windows that face west or east, whereas horizontal blinds are more commonly found on windows that face south or north. This is all to do with the direction of sunlight streaming through the window. You can adjust horizontal blinds up and down to allow light in or block it out as the angles of the sun’s rays move during the day. But, windows that don’t have direct sunlight work well with vertical blinds.


If you want the blinds to provide a level of privacy, horizontal varieties are the way to go. You will get complete control over the blinds, and you can open and close them as you wish. Vertical blinds often allow light to pass through and if someone bumps into them, they may open even a little, allowing prying eyes to see inside.

Care and Maintenance

As for care and upkeep, some argue that vertical blinds are easier to clean. It’s easy enough to dust a full section of vertical blinds in one movement, whereas horizontal blinds have strings and a range of mechanisms that can be tricky to work around. Also, horizontal blinds should be cleaned when the blinds face away from you, and then flipped over to clean the other side.

By keeping these four pointers in mind, you should be able to decide better as to which blinds will work the best for your home. We carry a wide range of both vertical and horizontal blinds, suitable for a wide array of windows and window frames, and to fit in with your preferred décor. Overall, think about what purpose you want the blinds to serve, and that will be half your decision made.


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