5 Affordable Ways to Increase your Home’s Value

5 Affordable Ways to Increase your Home’s Value

If you’re looking to put your residence up for sale, increase the desirability of an apartment home, or just invest into upgrades in your home, there are many simple ways to do so without busting your budget. The following smart improvements will keep your home or apartment in tip-top shape and primed for sale or an incoming tenant.

Roll On Paint

This is by far the easiest way to upgrade the value of your home. A good (I stress good because it takes attention to detail and patience to truly paint well) paint job will wow prospective buyers or apartment seekers. You don’t need any special skills to paint, just the right tools and an attentive eye. Be sure to paint the trim to truly make the room pop.

Remove Clutter and Shrubbery

Your landscape needs to be properly maintained. It is the first impression for any prospective buyers or tenants. If you can’t maintain your lawn, you’re unlikely to maintain a good property. Also make sure to remove any clutter inside or out—even if you have a beautiful home or luxurious apartment, clutter will leave a sour taste and a lasting effect.

Give the Bathroom a Facelift

Any modern apartment or home needs a beautiful bathroom, and if yours is looking a bit under the weather, a makeover is in order. Replacing faucets, showerheads, and light fixtures is an easy task with a great return. Scrubbing a grungy shower and replacing old tiles or putting new paint on medicine cabinets goes a long way.

Shine the Light

You can overhaul your lighting fixtures for less than a couple hundred dollars to give a modern feel to your home or apartment. You can also update your light bulbs for better efficiency and brighter light in strategic areas.

Redo The Kitchen

If you need to choose between remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, the kitchen is numero uno. New cabinetry can be expensive, but it can make a big difference. You can also opt for painting cabinets to cover up small blemishes and nicks or update drawer and cabinet pulls to save money while still making a big upgrade.


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