5 DIY Bedroom Decoration Ideas To Feel Warmer on Winter Nights

5 DIY Bedroom Decoration Ideas To Feel Warmer on Winter Nights

A lot of people look forward to the winter season, and for some of them, the only place that they would ever want to stay in is their homes. As a result, many homeowners like to decorate and design their houses to make their space feel warm during winter.

Here are a few tips on how you can decorate your bedroom to enjoy cozy winter nights:

1. Use textures that feel warm

One effective strategy to make the bedroom warm and cozy is to use textures that remind you of warmth. You may want to use many comfortable pillows and a big warm blanket on your bed. It’s also a good idea to use knitted blankets or a thick area rug to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Make your bedroom a perfect place to hibernate during the cold season by using thick blankets or installing a thick curtain to block the light coming from outside. No matter what your bed frame is, putting the right textures can make you feel more comfortable to enjoy a longer snooze time at winter.

2. Decorate with warm things

Add a little drama by hanging some pixie lights or lighting scented candles to make the mood in the bedroom romantic and cozy at the same time.

Other warm decors include the following:

  • Mood lighting: You may consider installing light dimmers or fader circuits to customize the illumination in the room. For a warmer approach, use lamps by the bedside instead of overhead lights.
  • Old furniture: There’s something warm and comfy when we see old things such as a legendary table or an antique chandelier.

3. Use patterns that remind you of warm Christmas

Warm up your winter bedroom by making it look a lot like Christmas with a plaid blanket. It is an any-season design that can more than provide the warmth that you need all through winter, but can also add a touch of color to your room. This chases away the gloom of an ordinary white room and turns it into one cozy room.

You may even go all out with a plaid headboard, which looks perfect for your children’s bedroom. Other patterns that bring a warmer vibe in your bedroom include wool, wood, and flannel.

4. Add layers

Putting on layers of sheets on your bed can be an effective visual reminder of warmth and comfort in your bedroom. You may start out with a flannel sheet, then top it with a comforter and a quilt. You may also add a folded blanket, and pile on a couple of extra decorative pillows for a luxurious comfy feel.

You may also do the same with curtains and drapes. Instead of relying on a single layer of curtains, install two or three layers of drapes in different colors, patterns, and thickness.

5. Apply deep and rich colors

Aside from bright and fiery hues, using deep and dark colors can also bring a sense of coziness in a room. Choose exquisite colors such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald for your bedroom décor, and pair them with muted colors to bring them out.

Just by adding a few elements, you can create a warm and cozy bedroom in winter. Now there is no worrying about how to beat the winter chill!


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