5 Eco-Friendly Building Maintenance Tips for Corporations

5 Eco-Friendly Building Maintenance Tips for CorporationsImage Credit: Pixabay

Staying aware of the environment and potential problems that can be hurtful to the planet is important for corporations, particularly in today’s society where our impact on the earth is a huge concern. For companies that want to stay eco-friendly and aren’t sure where to start, the five options below can be a great starting point for planning and preventative measures to enact. That way, you get ahead of the issue and can save money wherever possible. Those funds can then be invested in other efforts or even used to further your approach to being eco-friendly.

Use Native Species and Drought-Resistant Species of Plants in Landscaping

In the outdoor landscaping, it is wise to find ways to cut down on the need for additional irrigation. The best way to do this is to choose the plants that are planted carefully, using native plants that are made to thrive in the area’s environment and also drought-resistant plants that naturally reduce their water intake when the weather is warmer and less access to water is a possibility.

Invest in Pest Management Techniques

Getting ahead of a problem is a good way to cut costs on dealing with it. When it comes to bugs, it is always a good idea to consider preventative measures and biological control in order to prevent a bigger problem as time goes on. Give your business a chance to avoid these issues by looking into Pest Management techniques during building construction and landscape planning stages.

Cut Down on Paper Products and Increase Recyclable Materials When Possible

Offices that want to be eco-friendly are working on cutting out paper product use or at least drastically reducing it. This leads to a smaller carbon footprint and generally a smaller impact on the environment in general. Try to see where in your office you can cut down on paper use. Then, consider the areas where recyclable materials can be used, like plates, cups and forks in the cafeteria that can be reused or recycled. Other areas of the business where these changes can be implemented should become obvious as you look more closely at office operations.

Cut Down on Energy Usage

There are many lights in a building that can be turned off when people are not using the area. Installing light sensors that turn the light off when no one is in the room and on when someone enters can significantly cut down on energy use. You can also opt to use more energy efficient bulbs in all lights to cut down on the energy used by each light fixture.

Hire Professionals to Maintain Buildings and Cut Down on Environmental Impact

Maintaining the exterior of the building can go a long way toward keeping the building in good shape and decreasing a negative effect on the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is wise to consider hiring professionals like maintainX, who can give you recommendations on maintaining your building exterior and cleaning strategies that won’t be detrimental to the environment. Over time, these efforts add up to a significant benefit to the environment, rather than adding to problems.


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