5 Fun Sports That Would Also Help You Lose Weight

5 Fun Sports That Would Also Help You Lose Weight

5 Fun Sports That Would Also Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight with your favorite sports would be super fun! This is the best way to utilize your time for mental and physical relaxation. Indulging in the sports you like would relieve your stress and at the same time work on your physical fitness. While each sport will have its own advantages, we have listed here the 5 most effective sports for weight loss.


Cycling allows you to move about freely to explore nature and at the same time reduce those extra pounds. It is one of the most refreshing forms of cardiovascular exercise. The breeze of air would refresh while you pedal to your destination. You can make this sport more challenging by involving more friends that share similar interest. Decide the time, route, and destination to make your workout more exciting and result oriented. When you do it with friends it won’t remain boring or monotonous anymore. It works well for the lower body.

Calories burnt per hour – 470 calories


Another refreshing sport that can burn substantial calories without melting you in scorching heat. You can try new strokes to challenge different muscles of your body. Swimming is just the right exercise for those having problems in their knees and ankles. The pressure is distributed all over the body and this would protect your legs and feet from any type of damage due to excess pressure. It is low impact aerobic exercise perfect for entire body workout. The effect is seen on the waist line by regularly indulging in this sport.

Calories burnt per hour – 434 calories

Sports involving rackets

Sports that require racketing like badminton, lawn tennis, racquetball, or table tennis are very vigorous forms of workout. You may opt for playing these sports in singles or doubles depending on the availability of the players. It improves your concentration, makes you agile, works positively on your reflexes, and also burns lot of calories. These sports work on all parts of your body and would strengthen the muscles of arms and back. Hitting the ball would call for fast leg movements too and that may work on your lower body.

Calories burnt per hour – 434 calories


Golf may not call for running through the greens or indulging into vigorous exercise routine, however when it comes to burning calories, this sport would also be one of the best choices. You will enjoy walking through greens pulling the club cart to burn more calories. The main advantage of golf is that it can be payed till any age to keep fit and agile.

Calories burnt per hour – 267 calories


You can burn massive calories when you play this game full court. All you need is few friends ready to take up the challenge and the game begins. No need to be strict on rules if burning calories is the only concern.

Calories burnt per hour – 496 calories

The amount of calories burnt due to each sport here is calculated assuming the player would weigh 130 pounds. For the players weighing more, the calories burnt would be more.

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