5 Reasons to Choose White Kitchen Cabinets

5 Reasons to Choose White Kitchen Cabinets

5 Reasons to Choose White Kitchen Cabinets

You have many choices to make when it comes to your kitchen cabinets: design, hardware, customization, price, and of course color. If you’ve always had some variation of brown cabinets in your kitchen, you may be astonished to see just how many color varieties there are. It can be overwhelming to the average homeowner, especially if you were already feeling a little nervous about your upcoming renovation.

Luckily, we have an easy answer for you: white kitchen cabinets.

Why? Five reasons:

They Go With Any Architecture Style

Whether you have a rustic, colonial farmhouse, or an ultra modern, newly constructed home, white kitchen cabinets will complement it nicely. Make no mistake, you can absolutely wind up with clashing cabinets in certain situations. For instance, a Victorian dining room leading into a newly renovated kitchen with black cabinets and stainless steel appliances will look completely alien. But the great thing about white cabinets is that they can be made to blend in perfectly with any architectural style.

They Open Up Small Spaces

Dark colors can serve to reinforce room boundaries, but light colors have the exact opposite effect. If you are working with a small or narrow kitchen, adding a lot of white into your decor can help to open up the space a great deal.

White cabinets are often favored by homeowners with galley kitchens, or a more cramped “L” shaped kitchen, since the lighter colors can add the sense of some much-needed breathing room.

They Let You Have Fun With Accent Colors

It is perfectly understandable that people want to bring some self-expression into their home renovations. After all, you’re completing these renovations for yourself and your family, and they should reflect who you are. The problem comes in when you begin to tire of overly bold color choices, but are stuck with them due to expense and logistics. For this reason, strong accent colors are best reserved for wall paint, or decorative items, as each of these can be more easily replaced.

White cabinets offer a wonderful neutral background allowing those accent colors to shine through. If after three years you want to change a deep terra-cotta orange to a more playful aquatic blue, this won’t be a problem if all you are swapping out is paint.

They Never Go Out of Style

If you look back at kitchen design trends over the decades, you will find some iteration of white cabinets and surfaces in every era. This is probably because the color white is associated with cleanliness and freshness, two aspects you definitely want in every kitchen.

If your kitchen is in especially dire need of updating, it can be very tempting to overcompensate and go with ultramodern styles of the moment. We always warn against doing this, because whatever style is hip and modern this year, could look terribly dated in as little as five years. Unless you have the money and time to continually redesign your kitchen every few years, it’s best to go with a more timeless look. White is timeless.

They Act as a Backdrop for Your Design Statement

If you have a real eye-catching feature in your kitchen, such as a copper sink, an arched ceiling, or custom windows, you want your cabinets to complement that feature, not distract from it. White cabinets make the perfect background for the “conversation starters” in your kitchen.

One last piece of advice: get in touch with your local design professional and find out which white cabinet options are available to you.

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