5 Smart Tips To Get Your Lawn and Garden Looking Great

5 Smart Tips To Get Your Lawn and Garden Looking Great

They say that your lawn and garden is simply an extension of your residence. This saying holds more truth than most are willing to admit. Think about it for a moment. Have you ever seen a beautiful home with a lawn that was left unkept?

What was your first thought? It was more than likely something along the lines of, “What a nice home. What happened to the grass?”

We have all seen yards with grass that appeared to be a foot high and didn’t look to have been mowed for weeks. The uncomfortable feelings that accompanied that sighting were certainly less than positive, with a touch of confusion.

Albeit that time can get the best of us, there are some practical steps that you can take to ensure your yard is the best on the block and you can keep it that way without losing your mind.

Yes, it’s worth the effort. Your friends and family can enjoy the fresh, green grass. You can be rest assured that your neighbors will be trying to keep up with you. And most of all, it’ll raise the curb appeal of your home.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Getting a lawn to look alive means you have to make sure it’s got what it needs to thrive. This means you want to ensure you feed it with the right fertilizer and lime, as well as make sure it has adequate water and sunshine. A lawn needs nutrients to be healthy. If it has the right combination of the ingredients it needs to grow at the right times of the season, nature will faithfully lend you a helping hand.

Kill The Weeds

Now that you’re in hot pursuit of that “perfect” grass and garden, you have to make sure it looks vibrant. Weeds are your worst enemy in your fight to keep your yard looking alive. Like anything that you begin to think about, you’ll start to see them everywhere. Yes, many times you’ll have to spray them while other times you’ll simply have to pull them up, one-by-one.  With those pesky weeds out of the way, it will instantly make your green space more inviting and brighten it up fivefold.

Neat and Tidy Time

After you’ve set your landscaping on course to be green in the summer and you’ve spent time giving your garden a makeover, the hard work is over. No, really. Once a garden has been cleaned out, regular gardening will leave you spending less time pulling weeds and cutting your grass. You see, once a lawn is cut and the gardens cleaned, if you attend to them consistently every week or every two weeks, they won’t get away from you. It will become easier to keep your lawn and garden looking fabulous.

Take a Look At The Edging

Landscape maintenance experts know that defined hard edges in a yard can make everything come together. This is the step where you take a shovel or spade and carve out an edge between your lawn and the garden beds. After you’ve done this, some homeowners install a plastic, wood, or a concrete border in order to separate the flowerbeds from the lawn areas. You will be amazed at how it will really add to the “tidiness” we mentioned in the previous step.

Now Hand It Over

With your yard looking like you want it, you might be thinking that you won’t have the time to look after it yourself. If your time is truly limited, then hiring a professional lawn care service provider is not out of the question. As this step insinuates, your work is done, let the experts take it from here. This is a great step to keep your stress levels lower and spend more time with those you care about most.

Local landscaping experts, like Lawn Doctor, Weedman, or Liberty Lawn Maintenance, keep properties looking good all summer. The gardening companies that work near you may even offer a free estimation for the cost to take it all off your hands.

Look, there’s something to be said about coming home from a long day at work and you notice that your lawn and garden maintenance is already completed. There’s nothing for you to do but to sit back, relax, and enjoy it. It’ll be hard to wipe the smile off your face. Well, that is until you receive their first invoice.


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