5 Tech Installments You Can Make to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

5 Tech Installments You Can Make to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

The evolution of technology is moving at a rapid pace, and we may be close to having futuristic homes that have been featured over the years in TV shows and sci-fi movies. Although we cannot have J.A.R.V.I.S, Iron Man’s assistant who controls his entire residence, Sean Seshadri states that we can steal live a bit of Tony Stark’s tech lifestyle with some smart systems in our homes.

Smart Security

Home security has been in existence for some time. But since smart security is a recent introduction, it has made it possible for homeowners to monitor their homes through their smartphones. Cameras now have sensors that send alerts when motion is detected in your home.

Another great feature of smart home security systems is the electronic or smart lock features that allow you to open and lock doors without keys. These types of smart lock have Bluetooth connect and number pads that work in multiple ways. Smart locks like Kevo are Bluetooth enabled, and they unlock the door when you place a key fob or your smartphone on the lock.

You can use locks that use fingerprint readers like Covetek Bio Door, locks that use keyless lockset like Lockwood Code Handle, or locks that have RFID like Samsung Smart Mortise.

Smart plugs

You get the benefits of smart home access and automation for all electrical devices plugged into your home sockets using smart plugs. You can control the sockets using attached sensors or a smartphone app. The smart plugs also come in handy to monitor your usage of energy so that you can save your electric bills as you enjoy your automated home.

Smart lighting

You can also have the ability to control and automate your home lighting from your smartphone. There are smart sensors that you can install like the ones which are part of WeMo Motion kit that lights up your home automatically when you get into a room, and then turn off the light when you leave. A smart lighting system like the Philips Hue gives you the capacity to control all your home lighting. Some of the options it provides is brightening and dimming your lights from your tablet or smartphone.

Automated climate control

For standard air conditioners, you will work with timers which help you to choose when to run the system. This functionality can be taken to your home automation loop which then allows you to control your home temperature using your smartphone. Depending on the type of AC you have installed, you can either upgrade the system by placing a new smart thermostat or add a wireless control device to your air conditioner for it to be controlled remotely.

In case you don’t have a reverse-cycle air conditioner for other heating systems, you can use smart plugs to control your heaters. If you also wish to automate your window furnishing, you can go for companies like Somfy who will install automation controls to all your external and internal blinds and awnings.

Smart entertainment system

For you to have a good home entertainment system, you need to be able to access it from the palm of your hand. When you install multi-media systems and multi-room audio in your home, this allows the radio and the music to follow you anywhere you are in the house. If you go the extra mile to install sensors to the system, it will sense when you enter a room and follow the audio wherever you go.

For a fully integrated system, Sean Seshadri mentions that you can set your favourite song to listen to when you wake up as it gently increases in volume. Alternatively, you can group all your entertainment controls into a single app like iRule. This will enable you to have one remote on your phone for all your entertainment needs.


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