6 Must Do’s Before Putting your Home on Airbnb

Ever thought of putting your house or apartment on Airbnb? It certainly is a savvy way to earn some extra cash while you’re away and your home is left unoccupied, and it’s also a great way to make sure your beloved sanctuary is not completely deserted while you’re jet setting all over the globe.

However, before you even think of adding your property to the Airbnb list, you may want to consider our five essential preparation tips. These are tips that’ll not only prepare you and your home for guests, but it will give you a better chance of securing a stay – and what’s more, it will increase the ‘value’ of your pad, which means you’ll be able to increase your rate! Ka-ching!

Now without further ado, let’s get your home in tip-top shape so that you can get your money’s worth!

6 Must Do’s Before Putting your Home on AirbnbSource: Rub and Scrub

Fix appliances that aren’t working

It’s really important that all appliances in your home are working well, before you have someone pay to stay. This includes the stove, microwave, kettle, toaster etc. A person who looks to stay in an Airbnb is a person who wants to feel like they’re living ‘at home’ while they’re vacationing. They want the freedom to make themselves a good cup of coffee whenever they like, or whip up a meal like they would in their own pad. So, before you get excited about the prospect of adding your home to Airbnb, make sure the appliances are in good nick – and if they aren’t, call in an appliance repair company to fix the problem appliances. And just a heads up: guests are allowed to write honest reviews about your home on the Airbnb website. If your reviews are negative in any way it could jeopardise your rentals.

Do a proper spring clean

It’s so important to spring clean and throw out unwanted items – especially when you’re having a stranger come stay. Your home needs to be neat, tidy and extra clean – it basically needs to look like a hotel! So get rid of the clutter and make sure that you only keep what is really needed. Again, you don’t want someone writing a review about how dirty/untidy your home is, on an international website!

 6 Must Do’s Before Putting your Home on AirbnbSource: True Relaxations

Kit out your home with living essentials

One of the requirements for Airbnb listings is that the homeowner equips their home with all the necessary living essentials for the person coming to stay. The homeowner has to make sure there are cleaning solutions, toilet paper, soap, linens/sheets, towels and pillows. There should also be cutlery, an iron and ironing board as well as a hairdryer. We’d suggest even going the extra mile and making sure there is tea, coffee, sugar, milk and water for at least a week in your home. This will definitely up your rating.

Make sure you have extras such as WI-FI

If you’re serious about making good money from renting out your home on a short-stay basis, and maintaining rentals, we’d highly advise you install a fast and effective WIFI connection. On Airbnb you will need to list the amenities in your home, and in this digital world it’s one of the first things people look for. Another obvious extra which people look for is a TV.

Consider installing locks on cupboards that contain personal belongings

Obviously you are letting a complete stranger into your home when you sign up to Airbnb. And of course, since it is your home, it’s likely you have valuables that you’d like to safeguard. In this case, we’d recommend you consider installing a lock on a cupboard (or perhaps even a few cupboards) to ensure no-one can gain access your belongings.

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Improve the decor

People commit to renting your home based solely on the pictures you have posted. While you need to take great pictures, first and foremost, you should also consider adding some special touches and improving the decor. This will definitely make your home look more inviting – it really is just an aesthetic thing. There is a lot of competition on Airbnb, and you need your home to stand out in any way possible. Improving the decor doesn’t have to be an expensive project – some bright, inviting cushions on the bed/sofa is already a good start. Adding some plants, or art will also make a huge difference to your pictures and therefore your rentals. And an extra tip: make sure your photos look professional, and aren’t dull – as this looks very uninviting. You may even want to consider investing in a professional photographer.


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