6 Rules For Magicians to Remember

6 Rules For Magicians to Remember

Being a magician is interesting. You get to amaze people with your tricks and grab their utmost attention. Not to forget, you are appreciated of what you do, by the audience. You give your best to have an enchanting effect on your audience. However, to keep the central element of magic intact, there are some significant rules, which form the essence of the magic tricks. Therefore, here is a list of some of those essential rules that will help you become a better magician. You might lose your credibility and respect as a magician if you ignore these.

Hide the secret:

If you perform a magic trick well then, most people will ask you how you do it. Do not reveal the process of implementing it because when people learn the method, they are often disappointed to see how easy the tricks turn out to be. Although, the central question is how much sweat, time and effort are they willing to put into it. However, you can teach them the simple ones. You can also learn about Easy Magic Tricks.

Don’t repeat a trick for the same audience:

The audience will lose interest if you perform the same set of skills in front of them. The element of surprise from your performance will be missed. Instead of repeating the old ones, you can try some simple new ones. When you see discontent and disinterest in the audience, then you can merely conclude your magic show for the day.

Take care of the right circumstances:

You must remember that each trick has some different requirements. For example, some methods cannot be performed when people are standing behind you. Also, some require you to wear a jacket with pockets, etc. Hence, to make your show useful, you must take care of these conditions.

Say something when you perform:

Interacting with the audience, when you show your magic, is an integral part of the performance, which is how you create an ambiance. You should do more than describing what you are doing. You should try to make it fun and try to include the audience in your performance. That is how you will end up influencing them.

Leave the audience wanting more:

This pro tip requires you to try performing one or two tricks initially and notice the response of the people. If they do not seem to enjoy, then merely withdraw. If people appreciate what you do then also do not do too many tricks, you must involve them in experimentation rather than doing everything on your own.

Don’t try to learn too much at once:

You must not work too hard to learn something. It is better to learn 2-3 things with perfection than to poorly learn many others. It will make you more accepting and knowledgeable. Giving different tricks a go is a good idea, but mastering a few is better than struggling with many.

Hence, you must have noted all these tips and rules to be a better magician to impress your audience.


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