8 DIY Projects That Add Value to Your Home

8 DIY Projects That Add Value to Your Home

When you own a house, there is always something to do. If you want your house to maintain its value, you must invest time and money into its maintenance. This includes simple things like cleaning windows and cutting the grass to bigger expenses like replacing the roof or changing the septic system. Regardless, these projects do not add value to your house, they simply make it appealing to future buyers.

Here are some projects that will add value to your house:

Remove carpets.

Although comfortable under your feet, carpet have the nasty habit of collecting dust, hair and other allergens that make life miserable to so many people. Removing those from your house will increase its value, especially if you replace them with nice flooring.

A new coat of paint.

Inexpensive and easy to complete, this project will help your house look clean and up-to-date; two qualities home buyers look for. This simple project might help sell your house more rapidly than others on the market.

Improve the insulation in your house.

This can be done by replacing the windows, insulating the attic or simply replacing the weather strip around the doors. An easy step to take for home owners that can significantly make a difference when it is time to sell or when looking at the heating bill.

Modernize your lighting.

Changing lighting fixtures is an easy step that lets your house enter this century, saves you money in electricity, and distinguish your house from similar listings in your neighbourhood.

Revamp the staircase.

Make your house unique with stainless steel balustrades or other features that make your staircase a notch above the rest. Aside from insuring the stairs are safe, it will enhance the look of your interior and match the new paint.

Bathroom or kitchen reno.

Either will bring thousands of dollars in return, especially if you complete the work yourself. You can renovate these two rooms by changing the faucets and cleaning up the tiles and joints; or you can demolish and start from scratch. Either way, both rooms are a great investment to add value into your house.

Repurpose a room.

If your basement is not finish or your attic is high enough to become a room, these could be areas that will bring you big bang for your bucks. Without spending a lot of money, you can finish your basement and make it a cozy rec room for the kids. Extra space is always popular with home buyers.

Don’t neglect the outside.

Spending a few dollars on the landscaping, the deck or the driveway is an excellent way to show homebuyers that you care for your house. After all, if you care enough to make the house look good on the outside, it must be fabulous on the inside.

Finally, the trick to add value to your house is to plan your projects well and to stay within budget. If you strategically upgrade and maintain each house in your house, it will pay off when it is time to sell.


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