8 Ways to Sleep Better With Sinus Pain and Congestion

8 Ways to Sleep Better With Sinus Pain and Congestion

Is your sinus problem affecting your sleep? Are you not able to take proper rest because of congestion? Not able to sleep properly, affects your mind, mood and body, but sinus pain and congestion worsen the situation. It creates a swelling in your nasal passages and sinuses plus you might face symptoms like stuffy nose, thick mucus, pain near you ears, eyes and nose along with jaw and tooth ache.

If you have allergy problem too, then this will increase your troubles especially at nights when you lie down on your bed to take some rest and good sleep. Here are some quick and easy relief strategies to get rid of congestion and sinus pain in order to sleep better.

Try an antihistamine

It is suggested by the medical experts that if you have allergy issues then taking medicine like antihistamine before lying down for sleeping will help in controlling runny nose and sneezes. You can consult your family doctor for better solutions.

Comfortable bed

It is important you choose the right bed for yourself. By right bed, we mean the correct mattress. One of the best mattresses that will help is the IDLE sleep mattresses. Yes, it is the best mattress available in the market. It helps in minimizing back ache, headaches along with mid- back ache. You can also get rid of should tightness along with any type of pain in neck and ribs. So, when your body is at peace, it feels great. It is double sided mattress which allows you to flip it i.e. can be used from either of sides which makes it durable. You can easily move and feel comfortable on such mattresses even with congestion and sinus pain.

Pet-free room

It is said that allergies worsen the sinus problem and congestion issue. Therefore, it is very important that you sleep at a place which is free from all sort of allergies, dust, pets and mites. Use a clean bed sheet and pillow covers for your room. You can use anti bacterial soaps and detergents for yourself.

Position of head

To get relief from congestion, it is important that you keep your head at slightly elevated level. For this, you can few pillows in order to maintain a good posture for your head. It is important to ensure that you head is placed above your heart; this will disallow the clogging of your nasal passages and thus, helps in sleeping better.

Avoid alcohol

It is a myth that wine helps in sleeping especially when you have sinus along with congestion. In fact, it is advisable to avoid alcohol during sinus, as it makes you feel dehydrated which increases the pain in sinus.

Avoid caffeine

This is very important to not to consume caffeine in any form before going to bed. This will keep your senses awake and then you will not feel sleepy till 2 or 3 a.m., plus caffeine dehydrates your body which will worsen the situation. Best is to use herbal teas or simple water during evening or sometime before you lie down to sleep to quench your thirst.

Nasal Spray

It is advisable to use a saline spray to keep your nasal passages moist and clear. You can consider using a neti pot, to clean your sinuses. During night, try using a humidifier to avoid the dryness during breathing.

Cool bedroom

Another easy method is to keep your room cool and avoid lights. Keep your bed clean and hygienic, only use it for sleeping. This helps in managing your sinus issue, in a better way.

Thus, these are some easy and quick strategies or methods to control or manage congestion or sinus pain at home. These can help you for some time. But, if your condition doesn’t get any better then it is not healthy to avoid seeing a doctor. These remedies will help you in controlling your problem so that you can have some rest and take a good sleep during night even with sinus pain and congestion. But, you should always consult a doctor the very next day, in order to get a complete cure for your troubles and health issues.


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