Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

A situation may arise when you have some free time to spend with your kids but aren’t sure of what to do with them. Be glad to know there are a few activities in particular that will be fun to engage in together to help keep you all entertained.

It’s a wise idea to have this list handy should you have a day off and aren’t quite sure what would be most satisfying. What’s most important is that you have a nice time laughing and catching up with the ones you love. Remember to give the kids your full attention and put your phone away when the opportunity arises to participate in these activities, so you get the most out of them.

Arts & Crafts

One activity you can do with your kids and you know will be a great experience is to get out the arts and crafts. Set up a table of supplies and let your creativity run wild as you all try to come up with your own unique masterpieces. Put some music on, get out the snacks out and make a day of it as you all work on your own items. It may be a good idea to do this before an upcoming holiday so you can use the final products as decorations for around your house.

Organize the Home

There’s no reason you need to do all the chores yourself when you have family members who are capable of helping you out. Gather your kids and get them excited to assist you in organizing and decluttering the space in your home. Assign certain responsibilities to each person such as cleaning out closets or going through old toys and getting rid of or donating what you no longer need or use. This is a wonderful activity to do with your kids when it’s raining or too hot to be outside.

Play Sports

Burn a few calories and have fun all at the same time when you choose to play sports with your kids. What will help you the most in this situation is replacing annoying glasses with contact lenses. This way you can see what you’re doing and won’t have to mess around with frames on your face. Go online to get help here determining which solution is rightly suited for you and then make a purchase, so you’re all set to participate in the sport of choice. There are many options to consider selecting such as baseball, kickball or soccer. Get the neighbor’s kids involved and you could have a large game going for everyone to enjoy.

Go to the Beach

Going to the beach is an excellent option for an activity you can do when you’re feeling restless or have a free weekend. You and the kids will have fun cooling off and splashing around in the water and soaking up the sunshine. Bring along food, a shade tent, sunscreen and a football to make the experience that much more pleasurable. Head to a local beach that you’re familiar with or use this as a chance to check out a new area that you’ve wanted to try.

Visit the Playground

The playground is always a wise choice when you have kids who need to burn off some extra energy. Take them to the nearby park and spend some time running around on the playground for a while. You can participate too by helping them down the slides, spotting them across the monkey bars or swinging together on the swings. There may even be other kids and parents there who you can mix and mingle with and get to know better. After you’re all finished head home for a nice lunch to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Cook or Bake

Teaching your kids how to bake or cook is a good way to get them used to working in the kitchen. They may like it so much that they volunteer to help you with dinner some nights. Cook up a favorite meal you all can enjoy or bake some delicious treats to have around the house. This may also be a good opportunity to challenge yourself to making a new recipe you’ve wanted to test out. Get everyone involved by assigning various responsibilities to each person, so no one feels bored or secluded.

Walk the Dog

Head out on a walk with your kids and dog on a nice day as a way to fit in your daily exercise. Find a new path or trail in the neighborhood or go out on a short hike if you’re looking for more of a challenge. Use this time to talk about various topics that come up and share about what’s been going on in each of your lives. Take turns walking the dog, so everyone gets a chance and feels like part of the adventure. This is an activity you can do any time of the day whenever people are feeling up to burning a few extra calories.

Watch Movies & Play Games

Another entertaining idea is to watch movies, play games and put together puzzles with your kids. Switch off who chooses what movie or game you’re going to play, so the same person isn’t always in charge. You can even go as far as planning a day of the week you’re going to get together as a family to consistently engage in this activity. Put on your pajamas, light a fire and gather your favorite nighttime treats to truly relax and enjoy yourselves.


It can be difficult to come up with what you want to do with your kids when the opportunity strikes. Keep this record of ideas handy, so you can turn to them when you have a little spare time to spend with your family. Rotate which activity you’re going to do each time around, so you’re not always repeating the same one over and over again. Have fun and be thankful you have the chance to all be together and get closer to one another.


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