Adorable Bedroom Makeover


Adorable Bedroom Makeover

So here it is, the big reveal!  I must say, this bedroom has changed a ton and it looks super adorable.  LOL


This bedroom has already been through a few makeovers over the years.  LOL  Originally the room was a REALLY pale green with this lovely green carpet that you can vaguely see in this photo.  Then we pained the walls white and added that awesome 90s wallpaper border.  LOL  :)  THEN…we thought around 2005 that it needed new carpet and just a brighter change.  SO we ended up changing the carpet to white with bright green walls.  The green walls didn’t exactly come out as we would have liked.  The paint ended up being too shiny and would peal very easy!  I almost wished the green was more of a lime green, but hey…it worked for the time being.  Also, when the walls were white, there were these white shelves on one side that was again utilized when the room went green.


As you can see…it was definitely a time for change.  The furniture was from Ikea and many things in the room were from PB Teen.


The room, while it was green, also went through many changes…one being that it used to have a comfy seat in it, but as you can see…that broke down.  SO it was replaced with a sewing corner.  LOL  I like to sew on the floor!  Haha.  I feel like you can really reach everything that way!


And now here is the beginning stages of the painting…patching!  LOL  This I feel like is something that everyone dreads when painting a room.


Another thing that I would recommend when make-overing a room, paint your ceiling!!  This is highly important!  You would mot believe the change that it makes.  Here you can see the 30 year old ceiling compared to the freshly painted one!  :)


Next, when I was choosing a paint color, I wanted something fresh.  And as you can see, there’s all different kinds of blues/aquas.  LOL  I went with Olympic’s “Blue Dusk.”  I thought this was SUPER pretty and would look really cute in this room.  Also, I learned why the bright green paint peeled so easy, the type/texture of paint really makes a difference.  We went with Eggshell this time instead of glossy like we did with the bright green.


Here is what the room looked like with freshly painted walls!  SO pretty, right??


This is one of the neatest things that I found when looking for decor for the bedroom.  We have a ton of “country” type stores in our area so I found these green flowers and just bought a cute vase that I stuffed with tissue paper.  I literally use this light every single night when in the bedroom.  It’s not too bright, but yet puts off enough light to do a few things in the room.  :)


Then this was my crafting supplies from all of the crafts that were posted previously this week!  :)


As you can see, Cashew is not a fan of change and was quite bored during this process!  :)


And here we go!!  :)  Here’s the new bedroom!!  As you can see, I kept some of the decor from the old room, but a lot is new (like the green and blue carafes on the dresser that have clear marbles inside of them.  :)  You can also see the Seasons Tree Painting that was done a few years ago!  …as well as the new Initial Button Sign and the Flower Fabric Wreath!  I also swapped out the photos with some new ones along with some new white frames.  :)


And here is the Curtain Closet with the Framed Movie Quotes…along with the Issue Paper Flowers.  :)  I


And ere is the updated version of the sewing corner.  Oh, and you can also see that in the process of redoing the bedroom, the house got new windows!  LOL  :)  I also changed how the curtains looked.  We bought new rods and raised them JUST below the ceiling to make the ceiling look hire, while also added a curtain hook to pull them back.  I only have one curtain on each window because that’s really all that’s needed.  You probably can sort of tell that I also kept the hanging lantern that was above the bed (but I changed out the blue for a smaller white one) and also added one above the sewing corner.  :)


…last but not least, this cute bedrest from Targer along with the cute Target Rug to tie everything together!  :)

Well…what do you think? :)  The whole room took about 2-3 weeks total, but was totally worth it.  I think the one thing that I would do differently is change the ceiling fan.  It was changed when the room went bright green, but I think it still needed changed, but hey…there’s always next time!  :)


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