Knotted Baby Hats tutorial


Knotted Baby Hats tutorial

When I knew I was going to have twin nieces, my mind went crazy with all of the things that I could make for them.  My sister had mentioned that she really wanted the girls to wear these adorable hats…so I was like, pshhhh…I can totally make those.  :)  They actually weren’t that hard, but very time consuming in my opinion.  And because they were twins, obviously I had to make two of everything.

The girls were born pretty healthy considering they were premies.  They were super tiny, however once they started eating well, they sprouted up quickly and I’m sad to say that they never wore these adorable hats.  :(  LOL  They were blessed with pretty large pumpkins, so there was really only a span of a couple of days where they could have worn these.

However, they were fun to make and I thought I’d share how I did them!  :)



I first used the pattern piece to cut 2 hat shapes from your knit fabric. And yes, it has to be stretchy fabric.  I was hoping I could make fleece hats, but soon found out that it would be impossible with these directions.

After you cut two of the pieces above, also cut a rectangle piece that is 15 and 1/2″ wide and 5 and 1/2″ tall making sure the stretch needs to go right to left.


Place your two hat pieces together, with right sides together and sew all the way around the sides


Next, fold the long strip in half lengthwise and pin the edges to the bottom of your hat leaving some extra on the side (like shown above).

First sew the edge together on the side, and then sew all the way around the hat’s edge to attach the long piece to the top of the hat.

Then, turn your hat right side out, folding the bottom up to wrap around the head part of the hat.

To secure the band in place, you’ll have to stitch the band to the head part at both side seams.

All of your seams should be hidden!  :)

Finally, tie that little piece of fabric into a knot on the top!

Isn’t it cute??  :)



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  • Eliz Frank

    Your instructions are easy and clear. I love the fabric you used too … Awesome!

    • Thanks! I’m totally obsessed with fabric!

  • These hats are so cute! Makes me want to make on for my niece! And congrats to your sister on the new additions to the family :)

    • Aww…thanks so much! :)

  • Lupita Carranza

    I love this! It seems very simple to make, looks time consuming like you mentioned but it looks super cute! I have a baby niece and have been looking up ideas to make something for her and this is totally a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    • Aww…what a neat idea! Congrats on your niece!

  • These hats are so cute! Some of my friends are having their babies soon. This would be a great way to give them a personal gift.

    • This would be a neat baby gift!

  • These are really cute Jess :)
    We have many nieces and nephews – so I can try to make one
    Thanks for the instruction

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