All about the Style of Roman Blinds for Your Windows

All about the Style of Roman Blinds for Your Windows

Windows may be one of the most important aspects of a house, but no window would be complete without a good pair of blinds to cover it up when you’d like some shade or a little privacy. There are many different types of blinds that you might choose to use to cover your windows. There are the stereotypical panelled blinds that everybody expects, but there are also more elegant and stylish choices that could add a lot of character to your home. Roman blinds, in particular, are very unique and are loved by many for their functionality and style.

What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds, also often referred to as roman shades, are a very particular type of vertical blinds that fold up neatly when opened and lay flat and smooth when closed. These are often considered to be timeless blinds great for many styles of homes due to their versatility; a differently patterned or coloured fabric could completely change the way these blinds look, making them great for a homeowner who might want to stand out in the crowd a bit.

Benefits of Using Roman Blinds

Other than their timeless beauty, there are many benefits to having roman blinds or shades installed on your windows. Roman blinds in Newcastle are very versatile and add a softness to any window without standing out too much or looking out-of-place. Depending on the style of roman blinds you choose to have installed, these shades can be more masculine or feminine to fit your personal style or preferences. Roman blinds or shades are, essentially, the perfect combination between blinds and curtains for your windows.

Different Styles of Roman Blinds

While the different types of roman blinds are all the same at the core functionality of their styles, there are some key differences that might work better for some people more than others. One of the more popular styles of roman blinds are the flat unconstructed romans; these are the simplest of all the styles of roman blinds, as they are simple a single piece of fabric that folds up and down neatly. On the other hand, there are also flat constructed romans that are made from several panels of fabric that have been sewn together; these panels are connected to back bars for reinforcement, which adds more durability to the blinds.

Although this is not necessarily a style of roman blind, another important decision to consider is whether or not you will have your romans lined, which means another piece of fabric sewn to the back of the blinds. This additional piece of fabric can help keep too much sunlight from coming through when the blinds are closed, and it can also help hide the strings that are used to pull the blinds up and down.


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