Amazing Anxiety Relieving Foods

Amazing Anxiety Relieving Foods

Amazing Anxiety Relieving Foods

The next time you feel over anxious and in need of something that will put you at ease, the worst thing you can possibly do for yourself is reach for that almighty comfort food. This is usually a nice big chocolate bar or a large dish of ice cream, if you are like most of us. Actually, those can be the worst things for you because chocolate is loaded with caffeine and of course ice cream is high in sugar and fat. These do nothing to alleviate stress and will, more often than not, tend to raise your levels of anxiety, having the opposite effect to what you are looking for. Instead, try one of these four anxiety relieving foods or recipes to bring your blood pressure down and slow your heart rate accordingly.

1. Turkey

After eating a huge Thanksgiving meal, most people are so sleepy they nod off on the couch watching a holiday show with the family. For years everyone thought it was because they overate but in reality it was the tryptophan in the turkey. L-Tryptophan is one of the amino acids and is known to be serotonin’s precursor. These are the neurotransmitters that keep you calm and feeling good so if you are in a panic, sit down to a nice turkey sandwich!

2. Beef, Pork or Any Food Rich in B Vitamins

Beef is among the highest foods in B vitamins which have a known relationship with mood. Especially important in the B vitamin group is B1 and B12 and many people aren’t even aware of the fact that having a deficiency in the B vitamins can not only cause your stress levels to go sky high but can also trigger the onset of depression. B-12 is often prescribed for those suffering from stress and/or depression.

3. Yogurt and Foods High in Protein

Just as beef makes you feel calmer, so too will a nice dish of Greek yogurt. Some people like to add fresh fruits to their dish of yogurt to not only enhance the flavor but to also make the dish tastier. If you live in a medical marijuana state you might like to add a drop or two of your favorite tincture you get from your local cannabis dispensary because a good Indica-based tincture is known to be a body relaxer and mood elevator. Just try to stay away from Sativa tinctures as they can speed up your heart rate and worsen your anxiety.

4. Salmon – the Heart Healthy Food

Known for its high levels of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is also one of the best foods for calming those frayed nerves. Some doctors even recommend supplementing your diet with Omega-3 supplements because they help to keep your heart healthy and, of course, lower your anxiety levels as well.

Many people have literally stopped taking tranquilizers and other medications because they learn about foods that can lower their heart rate and stress level. Why not take a healthy approach that reduces your levels of stress and anxiety instead of popping a pill? Natural herbs such as valerian root when made into a tea is calming as is chamomile tea. It’s easy to calm those nerves naturally if you know which foods to eat and which to avoid. Next time you feel a panic attack coming on sit down to a yummy dish of yogurt or a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread. See if this doesn’t work even better than meds! You’ll be surprised at the results.


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