Auntie Ems Kitchen Cookie review

Auntie Ems Kitchen

MONTHS before I went to California, I watched a show on the Food Network called Sugar High.  They basically showed all of these AMAZING restaurants that makes the best desserts.  One show featured a thin and CRISPY chocolate chip cookie from a place called Auntie Em’s Kitchen that was based in California…  Months later I never forgot about this cookie that SO wanted to try!  SO WE DID!!

The last stop we made in LA was to Auntie Em’s Kitchen to buy three chocolate chip cookies.  It’s a cute little restaurant with a bakery inside.

As for the cookies, they were WORTH the trip!!  OMG they were amazing!!

If you’re ever in the area, please stop and try one, you’ll be hooked for life and crave one every day after, like I have!  :)

Auntie Em’s Kitchen


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