Autumn Tomato Basket Tree Tutorial

Autumn Tomato Basket Tree Tutorial

Autumn Tomato Basket Tree

This was probably my most fun craft I’ve done in a while!  I totally loved doing it and especially love how it came out!  :)  I got the idea of it from a simple photo I saw on Facebook and actually think that it came out better than the photo I saw!  LOL  :)  It was pretty easy to do, just a tad time consuming.


  • tomato basket
  • garland leaves
  • “christmas tree” lights
  • “autumn” floral topper
  • burlap
  • hot glue gun
  • floral wire
  • duct tape


So we had a left over tomato basket from the Summer that we weren’t using, so I thought I would utilize it in a crafty form!  :)  Just sit it upside-down and get to crafting!


Start out by hot gluing and duct taping the floral topper to the “top” of the tomato basket.  You may need two people to accomplish this.  You’ll have to “bring together” the end of the tomato basket together the best you can and slide the topper down inside.  Then take some duct tape and wrap around it, while hot gluing the topper in place.


This next step will take some time; start hot gluing and using your floral wire to attach the garland to the tomato basket in a circular form starting at the “top.”  Try not to make the leaves too tight or you’ll disfigure the basket/”tree.”  We would more or less attach the garland at each “corner” of the tree going down.  The garland leaves that I bought at my local craft store came in “links,” so when you run out of one garland, “link” the other garland straight to it and continue on down the “tree.”


This is what it will look like once the whole tree is covered in the garland leaves.  Next, apply the same technique with the “christmas tree” lights (starting at the top).  We used the floral wire to attach the lights, not the hot glue gun.

Then, when you’re ready to set up the tree place it where you’d like it, and wrap the burlap around the bottom to cover up any area that you were not able to cover with the leaves.  :)  This was a completely unintentional addition to my tree, however, we ran out of leaves!  HA!  :)  I didn’t think it was necessary to go out and buy another piece garland, so we just used some leftover burlap that we had and I think it looks great!  It also covers up the cord from the lights!  :)

Isn’t it adorbs?!  I totally love it!


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