Bathrooms Can Be Beautiful Too

Bathrooms Can Be Beautiful Too

The bathroom in most houses, is probably the most visited room in the house after the kitchen, but is often overlooked when it comes to designing something really beautiful, with many opting for that which is simply functional. There is no reason though why the two shouldn’t go together, and getting it right, not only brightens the room up, but can add extra value to the home when you come to sell it. First and foremost it should be beautiful to the user, both in terms of style and also functionality, so let’s look at what makes a standard bathroom a thing of beauty.

The Décor of the Bathroom

Is your bathroom currently plain white? White walls, white tiles, white sink, with maybe a different colour floor? It’s pretty boring, but pretty standard too, but there is no need for it to be like that, and let’s face it, you use the bathroom fairly often, so wouldn’t it be better if it felt a little more warm and inviting? Something as simple as a coat of paint in a nice warm colour from the height of the sink upwards instantly gives the room a better feel. Add a couple of small pictures to provide a bit of relief and already the room is starting to gain a little character. Storage is an area that is much neglected in many bathrooms, though adding some closets or cabinets, not only looks good, it helps keep the place clean and tidy too.

The Bathtub

A good bathtub will ideally not be simply functional, but will have looks, style and aesthetics, so that it is almost encouraging you to jump in and take a nice low relaxing soak. There are many options available to you which look great and more importantly can help you relax. You might consider a whirlpool or jetted tub to gently massage you while you soak, or a bubbled bath, which gently pushes air through very small holes to provide a less vigorous action than jets.

The Sink and Vanity

Bathroom sinks come in an unbelievable range of colours, designs and sizes. A great selection can be seen from JMG Bathrooms, bathroom sink suppliers, one of which is bound to provide the right style and décor. The size of your bathroom will have a to do with which sink you choose, though while many seem to come in the standard white, a little colour can be quite appealing, which can fit in well with the overall design.

The Shower Unit

The range of options for choosing a shower are countless and it is difficult to know where to begin in making your choice. As a very basic rule of thumb, something classical is more likely to have the right sort of feel in an older house, while more modern designs are more likely to look right in a more modern house. It comes down to individual taste, and the overall design you have put in place, which then just leaves the lighting.

Bathroom lighting is often not considered as much as it should, but subtly placed lighting, especially around or above the vanity can really make a difference to a bathroom’s warmth and feel.


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