Blender vs Juicer: Which is the better choice?

Blender vs Juicer: Which is the better choice?Source:

If you would want to know the difference between the Blender and juicer, then you are in the right place. There is a misconception that these two are one and the same but they are quite very different appliances performing different functions. It is important to know the difference between this two in order to make the right choice when shopping.

What is the difference between the Juicer and the Blender?

A blender is an appliance that processes the whole vegetable or fruit together with all its fiber. This leads to the formation of a thicker product(commonly referred to as a smoothie) which usually takes quite some time to digest. You get all the nutrients but the only drawback is that you receive them quite slowly. Juice made using blenders satisfy your appetite a bit more than the one made using juicers, leaving you feeling full for a prolonged time.

A juicer on the other hand usually separates the fiber from your fruits and vegetables leaving you with only juice to drink. The fiber pulp that remains after separation is discarded meaning you get more juice from your fruits and vegetables and with the nutrients and vitamins in a form that is easily digestible.

Which between the Juicer and the Blender is better for your health?

Preparing your juice with either of the two has its own benefits and drawbacks but both have their own place in a healthy kitchen. We will explore the benefits of using both appliances to help you decide which is better for you

Benefits of using a blender

Slow release of energy

When you use a blender to prepare your juice there is usually fiber in your drink which slows down digestion causing energy to be released evenly and slowly. This is beneficial as prevents absorption of uneven sugar levels by your body leaving you feeling full for long after drinking the juice.

No waste

A blender will tend to process everything that is put into it meaning the fibrous pulp found in vegetables and fruits is not thrown away. If you are really careful about throwing away fiber and pulp ‘waste’, you should definitely go for a blender

Helps in digestion

The fiber contained in your vegetables and fruits works miracles for your digestive system. It keeps your colon clean and healthy and prevents colon cancer. It also helps to lower the glucose and cholesterol levels in your body when it dissolves in water in the system. Another important thing about fiber is that helps in the movement of stool in the colon and in the digestive tract.

Benefits of using a Juicer

Faster absorption of nutrients

Whenever you use a juicer to make juice from either fruits or from vegetables, you separate the indigestible fiber-filled pulp from the juice. This leaves ‘pure’ juice that is only filled with minerals and vitamins which are absorbed easily and faster into the body metabolism. This means that the goodness heads straight and instantly to where it is needed.

Easy digestion

When you consume juice that has been juiced it will be easily digested by your system because all the fiber that is stored with it, making it a bit hard for digestion, has been removed. This can be a good way to give your digestive system a break especially when you happen to have digestive problems bothering you

Blender and Juicer, Which is better?

Just like the other great debates, no correct answer that will suit everyone exists. You will have to choose one based on your particular and specific concerns such as your preference for a specific type of drink, your budget or your concerns about digestion and nutrition.

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