Building a Deck: Which Factors Should You Consider?


Building a Deck: Which Factors Should You Consider?

Building a deck can sometimes take more work than renovating your bathroom or kitchen. This is because you need to figure out your budget, the purpose of your deck, and decide which materials would be best. Choosing materials can be one of the hardest decisions since you want it to look aesthetically pleasing but also withstand any outdoor conditions.  Whether you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself, you should consider these factors when you add a deck to your home.

  • The Function: Why are building or updating your deck? Are planning to host more parties in the warmer weather? Do you want to add a pool or a hot-tub and compliment it with a surrounding deck? Or is the deck your relaxation oasis with lawn furniture and plants? These are all things to consider when starting your project.
  • The Overall Design: Are you just building a basic outdoor deck or do you have an elaborate idea, such as a modern deck with silver ipe wood, outdoor couches, and lots of greenery, or a retro design with wooden benches built right into your deck.
  • The Budget: This is the big one as you obviously need money to build the deck of your dreams. You need to budget for the type of wood you use, how detailed the design is, how big the deck will be, and if you need to hire a contractor. Then, of course there are the little extras like seating, tables, outdoor grills or fire pits, and flower pots. Make sure you have the contact information of all the suppliers and contractors you may need.
  • Building Permits: Depending where you live, many residents need to have all of their building blueprints verified by the county office. Do your research before you buy any materials and spend much of your hard-earned money.
  • The Materials: Choosing an all-natural, high-quality deck can last for years if you purchase the right kind of wood. There is a wide selection of timber decking in Melbourne supplied by Market Timbers for all of your outdoor needs.

Consider one of these popular options:

  • Pine – It’s become of the most popular options because it’s both cost-effective and available readily. It also stains easily. However, some versions of pine do warp so it’s important to research and make sure you purchase ones marked for outdoor use, which has grooves on the underside to eliminate the warping.
  • Spotted Gum – This wood is actually often grown in plantations right here in Australia, making it even better for our environment. It has an excellent durability rating and is fire resistant, as well as containing a low tannin count, which decreases the chance that the wood will bleed.
  • Ironbark – This material is so dense and sturdy that it will survive forever. It’s a popular choice for residents wanting to add a pool and a deck because ironbark is rot resistant, as well as being fire and termite resistant. It comes in a variety of shades, ranging from a soft brown to a deep red.

Once you’ve considered all these factors, it’s time to meet with a specialist and begin building your timber deck so you can enjoy it while the weather is still warm.


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