Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant movie review

Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant movie review

This is an oldie, but a goodie movie.  Now, I’m not saying that this is a family movie by any means; there are some questionable scenes and language, but the overall storyline is such a good one.  I’ve always loved Jennifer Garner and have wanted to like Timothy Olyphant, because he seems so likeable on talkshows…so this movie definitely makes him that likeable character.  Why can’t he play these types of characters more often?  :)  There are many other well known actors that you’ll see, trust me!  :)

The movie starts out by explaining that Garner’s fiancee is deceased and she ends up staying with his LA party buddies; one being Olyphant, who we find out that him and Garner’s character could not be more different.  We also meet the deceased’s business partner, Dennis (played by Sam Jaeger who was well known in Parenthood).  Jaeger’s character is quickly falling for Garner at such an inappropriate time.  And then there is the deceased’s good friend, Sam (Kevin Smith) and Maureen (Juliette Lewis who is a jewel in everything she touches).  Maureen shares some unexpected news that throws the whole group off their game concerning who they thought Garner’s fiancee actually was.

You quickly see that Garner and Olyphant have serious chemistry that translates over the screen, but then Garner wonders how her fiancee would react to her being with Olyphant’s character.  This basically means that they go back and forth the whole movie until finally, Olyphant realizes that he’s in love with Garner.

I love the relationships in this movie and it’s probably one of the most underrated movies out there.  It’s definitely worth the watch!!  :)


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