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GIVEAWAY: An At-Home Workspace That Makes You Smile with a Photo Canvas

GIVEAWAY: An At-Home Workspace That Makes You Smile with a Photo Canvas

Some days it can be a struggle to dive into a work mindset and when we sit down into a bland workspace, it’s a double whammy. Our work environment should feel like a creative bubble, bursting with inspiration, not like our bubble just got popped. Yes, it’s called work but it can feel like play with the right attitude and decor.

In order to keep the positive energy up, it’s important to love where you work! Here are three personalized touches that will turn any dull workspace into a place you’re excited to mentally clock into.

Canvas Photos

There’s nothing like an engaging photo to lift your spirits in the middle of a heavy workday. When you’re in the grind, it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re working so hard. Surround yourself with photos that matter. One look at that epic vacation photo with your friends will remind you about the good life. Canvas on the Cheap lets you make customized canvas photos that pop on any wall. They’re cheap, fast and you’re never sacrificing on quality.

Pop of Color

Most workspaces feel dull and lack energy. Find ways to add a pop of color that represents your personality. If it’s loud, go bold! If you’re conservative, find that perfect touch of elegance unique to you. The goal? To have someone walk in and say, “this is so YOU.” Try a colorful piece of furniture, like a unique office chair or rug from World Market.

The Little Things

When you’re thrifty, it seems pointless to spend extra money on things that aren’t necessary. “Regular paper clips, please.” “This free pen will do just fine.” But the more time I spend at the office, the more I realize how much fun the little things are!

I replaced my plastic scissors with some classy gold ones from Target. My stapler has polka dots, and I have the cutest little push-pins for my bulletin board that was about $1.50 more than the regular ones. The little things will remind you to have fun and be creative, and we can all afford those.


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