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30+ Year Old Willow Tree Down and Out

That moment you’re sitting at the dinning room table, on a Sunday morning, eating breakfast…and you’re taking a drink of coffee when all of a sudden you’re realizing the 30+ year old Weeping Willow tree is coming right at you.  Yep, that’s what happened two years ago in the Summer…something that I never thought I would see happen, but it did.

We had so much rain last Summer, but never did we think that a tree of this size would come down…and oddly enough…not damage THAT much property.  Crazy, right?

The sound was incredible, the size of the tree was massive.  I’ve never seen a tree come down in real life.  In movies, on TV, yes.  But not in real life.  Looking at these photos over a year later, still doesn’t seem real because it happened so fast.

Look HOW CLOSE it was to hitting the pool!!  It never damaged the pool.  Sounds like someone was looking out for us that day.

Yes, it damaged the fence…but a fence is always repairable.  :)

After looking at this tree for over 30 years and always having it as a privacy element in the backyard, I guess I didn’t realize how LARGE this tree was…how THICK it was.

What you don’t see is that there is a creek just on the other side of this fence.  This creek used to be active until about 5 years ago when the township changed the direction of the water flow and every since then, the creek has been somewhat dry.  Apparently, that is why the tree came down.  Weeping Willow trees need water…who would have thought?

While it may look bad, the shed was not harmed that much.  Just needed a few new shingles and it was good to go!

Here is the base of the tree that was uprooted just on the other side of the fence.  Oddly enough, this is our property.  We own a large amount of land on the back side if the fence, across the creek…to this “willow” tree.  MASSIVE roots!!

And of course, if you don’t have fun, you’ll cry…right?  We had some fun with some boots…threw them under the tree…  NOBODY WAS HARMED DURING THIS ACCIDENT!!  :)  Oddly enough, the weekend before, we had my toddler nieces running around this backyard…our puppy had just passed away…so luckily, no one was IN the backyard when this happened.

It seemed like forever to get the tree taken care of.  Between talking to the home insurance company and the local tree excavating services…it was finally time to repair the damages.  FINALLY.

Now you can really see the type of damage the tree left.  :(  We certainly had our work cut out for us…

However, it didn’t take long to fix and repair…and looks a lot better, cleaner.  You know what we don’t miss??  The BRANCHES that this tree used to drop each and every Spring/Fall.  However, we do miss the privacy this tree gave us over 30+ years.  :(

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