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An Unfinished Life movie review

An Unfinished Life movie review

An Unfinished Life movie review

I had heard of this movie before, but I had no idea that it came out in 2005!  LOL  Wow!  For whatever reason I thought it was a much newer movie.  I watched this with my family on NetFlix not too long ago and it’s actually not too bad of a movie.  :)  Would I say it’s a 100% family movie?  Not all the time, no.  There’s some adult situations and some language at times, but the story in itself is a pretty good one.  :)

To escape an abusive boyfriend, Jennifer Lopez’ character heads to Wyoming with her daughter, where her ex-father-in-law lives (Robert Redford).  However, Redford’s character blames her for the death of his son from a car accident years ago.  Redford’s character had never met his Granddaughter whom badly wants to build a relationship with him.

Redford is taking care of his best friend (Morgan Freeman’s character) who was attacked by a bear years ago.  Redford still blames himself for the attack and feels like he can make things right by helping out his friend who ended up with various physical injuries from the attack.

As Redford’s character thought that he buried anger and accusations from the accident, they all resurface when his world is turned upside down.  He cannot imagine the way his life is opened for unexpected connection, adventure, and forgiveness.  This definitely is a powerful story of risk, redemption, and heartache.

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