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True BBQ and Whiskey Bar in Munster, IN review

True BBQ and Whiskey Bar in Munster, IN review

I cannot believe I have not reviewed this amazing place!! Last month, my family and I met in Indiana for a few days of hanging out and this was a restaurant that we checked out. We wanted something simple, low-key, and completely delicious. Some of us also had a taste for some great BBQ! On our way to the Munster, IN area, I pulled up some restaurants on my phone and True BBQ and Whiskey Bar was something that caught my eye!

True BBQ and Whiskey Bar offers what they call a “A Modern BBQ Experience.” And that’s exactly what it is. The place is decorated very modern and eye-popping. They also have a COOL outdoor pit that seats a good 10 people! It was really cool to see and if it was a nice evening outside, this would definitely be the hottest spot in the restaurant!

While majority of the food is BBQ goodness, they also have crafted cocktails and premium whiskeys. Their website says that they have over 60 premium whiskeys, 20 fine wines, and a superior crafted cocktail and beer selection. This was the first time my parents had tried whiskey and I’m pretty sure they’re hooked!

True BBQ and Whiskey Bar

My sister and I split this Corn Jalapeno Bread Pudding as an appetizer.  This was something I saw on the website while looking for a good place to eat…so it was definitely something I had to try.  It was served with a cilantro aioli and sour cream.  It was COMPLETELY amazing.  If you’re a lover of cornbread, like I am, you should definitely make the trip JUST for this deliciousness!  :)  My parents split the Andouille Sausage and Ancho Peppers appetizer that was very home-style-ish and amazing!

True BBQ and Whiskey Bar

For my meal, I split this Orange Fried Rice with my mom…OMG…talk about AMAZING!  It tasted so juicy, and fresh, and just DELICIOUS!  My sister ordered the ribs while my dad ordered brisket and they both say the meats were equally delicious!

If you’re ever in the area, this is definitely a restaurant to check out…in fact, I wish I was close enough today to hit up some of that bread pudding!

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