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How to Use a Manual Staple Gun in Your Next Arts and Crafts Project

How to Use a Manual Staple Gun in Your Next Arts and Crafts ProjectImage Source: Pixabay

Staple guns are multipurpose tools that can be used for both on construction sites, as well as for home décor projects. When it comes to arts and crafts, it’s best to go for a manual model. Not only is it the most affordable of the bunch, but it also offers you full control. What is more, it is gentled enough not to rip through fabric or other delicate materials, which is a huge plus.

Staple Gun Arts and Crafts

With the help of the best manual staple gun money can buy, you can easily revamp the appearance of your living space with some unique pieces. If you are seeking inspiration, here are three innovative project ideas you can try out.

Make a Bench out of Your Old Coffee Table

If you have an old and unaesthetic coffee table lying around and crowding up the storage space in your home, it might be time to revamp it into a trendy cushioned bench. This simple tutorial will show you how to complete the process with the help of a manual staple gun, as well as traditional needle and thread.


  • manual staple gun;
  • patterned fabric;
  • old coffee table;
  • sandpaper;
  • paint and paintbrush;
  • primer;
  • cotton batting;
  • 3-inch foam;
  • twine and needle;
  • electric knife;
  • scissors;
  • and spray adhesive.


  1. Sand, prime, and paint the old coffee table to begin the project, then drill holes for the buttons.
  2. Using the top of the table, measure the foam and cut into the appropriate dimension.
  3. Cut the same amount of cotton batting to place over it, and poke holes for the buttons using the needle.
  4. Staple everything into place, then cover with the appropriate amount of fabric.
  5. Poke holes in the fabric for the buttons again, then sew them into place.
  6. Secure the twine using the stapler once again, and you’re done.

Add French Tuft to a Second-Hand Chair

Buying cushioned furniture at the flea market might not seem like a good idea due to sanitary reasons. Fortunately, you can easily find a solution to this dilemma by engaging in a DIY French tufting project. With the help of the instructions below, you will create a unique piece for your home that is both beautiful and fresh.


  • manual staple gun;
  • patterned fabric;
  • dacron batting;
  • spray adhesive;
  • ruler;
  • flathead screwdriver;
  • crescent pliers;
  • gimp;
  • seam ripper;
  • embroidery floss and needle;
  • hot glue gun and glue;
  • and scissors.


  1. With the flathead screwdriver and seam ripper, strip the second-hand chair bare so that only the structural elements are left behind.
  2. Keeping the cushions intact, measure the necessary amount of fabric that you will use to revamp them.
  3. Attach the material onto the desired surface using the staple gun so that everything is fastened into place. Be careful not to create any rips or damages.
  4. Secure the new pillows into place and hot glue gimps on the back to cover the staples. Your new French tufted chair is now ready to display.

Upholster the Headboard for a Retro Look

If you’re a fan of acclaimed TV series Mad Men, then you surely admired Don and Betty Draper’s Beautifully upholstered headboard at least once. Although the on-screen couple is now divorced, there’s no reason not to try and emulate their home’s retro-chic glamour. All you need are a few key materials, a manual staple gun, and some imagination.


  • manual staple gun;
  • fabric;
  • cotton batting;
  • gimp;
  • pencil;
  • yardstick;
  • covered buttons;
  • chalk;
  • sharpie;
  • paper stencil;
  • and a hot glue gun.


  1. Measure the width of your bed and decide the desired height of the headboard as well, then drawn out your stencil.
  2. Trace the outline on the wall with chalk, then decide where the buttons should go.
  3. Using the pattern, cut out your batting, leaving an extra half an inch on the side.
  4. Using the same pattern, cut out your desired fabric.
  5. With the help of the stapling gun, secure the batting directly onto the wall, then proceed with the fabric.
  6. To finalize the project, add the buttons to the desired areas. This will create a nice synched in effect.

The Bottom Line

The three DIY arts and crafts projects presented above are all equally great when you want to add an original twist to your home décor plans. Depending on which room of the house you were thinking about revamping, you will need to choose accordingly. And if you have the time and budget for it, why not try a full remodel?

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