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High Risk Car Insurance and Who Needs It

High Risk Car Insurance and Who Needs It

If you have a driving record that isn’t exactly perfect, you might find yourself looking for some high-risk insurance. High-risk auto insurance policies are policies that have been designed for those drivers who might be considered to be riskier to insure due to past accidents or traffic violations. Auto insurance providers might offer these higher risk drivers the coverage they need but at higher premiums. Some companies will not insure high-risk drivers at all. This means that if you need high-risk insurance, it can be more difficult to find and even more difficult to get at prices that match non–high risk policies.

Insurance for Those with a DUI or DWI

People who have been convicted of a DWI or DUI should be advised that getting back in the driver’s seat can be a hard row to hoe. Something that really doesn’t need to be exorbitant though is your auto insurance following your conviction. You will need SR22 auto insurance and, believe it or not, it can be found at prices that are reasonable. Before you get the insurance, though, you will need to get the SR22 Certificate. This is a document that your insurance company will send to the state, either a physical or an electronic copy, that will confirm that the policy holder does have a valid policy that is compliant with the liability requirements of the state.

DUIs and DWIs aren’t the only things that require an SR22, though. You might have to have an SR22 if you have a suspended or revoked license, have gotten numerous traffic tickets or moving violations in a short period of time, has an at-fault car crash while you were behind the wheel and uninsured, or were caught driving without a license and or without insurance. In most states, you will be required to carry an SR22 and SR22 insurance for an average period of about 3 years.

Teen Drivers

Even if you aren’t a high-risk driver yourself, adding a teen to your policy can make it seem like you are suddenly paying high-risk car insurance prices. However, most of the time, insurance providers will offer discounts if the teen that was added to the policy maintains good grades. They might also lower your payments if your teen takes a driver’s education course that is approved by the insurer and if the car that they are driving is one that is considered to be a safe model.

Maybe there is a good cause for the insurance providers to be worried about insuring teen drivers. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that teens between the ages of 16 and 19 years of age have more likelihood of crashing than any other age group. Furthermore, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Court Info from California have let it be known that teen drivers who are male have twice the likelihood of dying in a vehicular crash than female teens. For this reason, even if your teen only has a single accident, and they were at fault, your insurance rates could rise significantly. If they have another accident, they will more than likely be dropped off of your policy.

Other Factors

Today, more people fall into the high-risk category than as recently ago as a decade. Because of this, it is becoming more and more common to see non–standard insurance policies. Some of the other things that can put you into a high-risk category include things like:

  • If you are over the age of 70. Some insurance providers do view this age group to be a high-risk category as opposed to a driver who has experience and is deserving of an auto insurance policy that is affordable.
  • If you own and drive a car that is more expensive, rare, or highly modified.
  • If you have a low credit score, even though this has nothing at all to do with your driving ability, this can put you into the high-risk category for some insurance companies.
  • If you have changed policies or insurance companies many times within a relatively small timeframe, most companies will put you in the high risk category.

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