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Shake and French Fries Card with the Cricut

Shake and French Fries Card with the Cricut

As I’ve said before, we LOVE the Cricut Explorer Air!  It literally is our most favorite crafting machine of all time.  It allows you to create the most interesting and fun crafts for personal use or even as gifts to your family and friends!  :)  There are so many fun things that you can do with it to create…I mean, who would have thought to create a card with a milkshake and french fries??  :)  My mom created this card for my nieces who were obsessed with french fries at the time and they LOVED it!  :)  The Cricut cuts, draws, scores…I mean…what else could you want in a machine?!  Literally….everyone of all ages and walks of life could work this machine and have fun with it.

There are so many pre-designed projects that you can create even when you’re not feeling creative.  Just let the Cricut machine and software walk you through it!  :)

Do you have a Cricut Explorer Air??  What sort of crafts do you make?

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