Changing roof guttering tips and tricks

Changing roof guttering

When the roof scaffolding is up and it is being repaired it makes sense to consider replacing or repairing the guttering as well.

How much does gutter replacing cost?

Well that depends on:

  • Kind of guttering
  • Material the guttering is made of
  • Ease of access for working on the guttering
  • Size of house.

Guttering Materials

  • UPVC: common as easy to install and low cost. However also has briefest life span
  • Cast iron: traditionally used but can be heavy and expensive to handle
  • Aluminum: slightly lesser cost than cast iron but lower weight and with powder coated color choices. Widespread for commercial buildings
  • Steel: lower cost than aluminum and cast iron and offered in galvanized and black finishes

Usually cast iron was used for downpipes and gutters but uPVC is popular now due to the reduced maintenance and cost. As an example, uPVC guttering is about $2 per meter while cast iron guttering can be $20 plus per meter. Cast iron is sold in 1.83m lengths as something longer would be too hefty to handle, whereas uPVC is offered in 4m lengths. Cast iron can look extremely striking but it requires painting occasionally to ensure that it does not disintegrate. Steel and Aluminum guttering inclines to be used for business-related rather than domestic buildings.

Guttering types

There are four popular designs of guttering:

  • Half round
  • Square
  • Ogee
  • Deep flow

Exact sizes vary by producer so when substituting part of the gutter it is always best to replace like with like to evade leaks.

Where guttering is communal, e.g. on terraced houses, then blending different materials or types can cause difficulties. Connectors are available for some materials and some types e.g. to join square uPVC to half round cast iron.

As well as dissimilar visual appearance of diverse guttering types each kind has a distinctive capacity for collecting water. As a contrast, the roof area that a horizontal section of guttering can cover from one downpipe, with the passage at one end of the guttering:

  • Half round: 43 sq. m
  • Square: 70 sq. m
  • Deep Flow: 90 sq. m
  • Ogee: 103 sq. m

Contingent on the rainfall intensity in the local area and the size of roof you might increase the number of downpipes or select a higher capacity guttering.

Ease of Access to Replace Guttering

A ladder is usually used for swapping guttering although if support is already in place it can decrease the time taken to eliminate the current guttering and substitute with new, mainly when heavy cast iron guttering is being substituted.

Where ladder access is not likely, such as where a full width conservatoire has been added to the back of a terraced house, then support may be required which will add to the cost. It may be probable to gain ladder admission by eradicating the glass roof of the conservatory but this does need expert skills an so before you make things worse for yourself call upon specialists such as Roofing contractors canton Michigan and for further information, you can try out this video:


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