Changing Trends in Corporate gifts for Diwali

Corporate gifts have becoming an integral part of the marketing and branding efforts of an organization. Corporate Gifts are also a way to build relationships with the various people that are important to an organisation. It is for this reason that most organisations give out Diwali gifts to their employees, clients, business associates and other people who contribute to the success of the organisation.

Changing Trends in Corporate gifts for Diwali

Diwali has always been an important occasion for gifting in the corporate world in India. In the past few years a few interesting trends have emerged that are likely to have a long lasting impact on the industry. In this article we list and explore these trends at length.

A shift to more innovative gift ideas for Diwali

Earlier corporate gifts for Diwali used to be rather formal and usually consisted of a few standard items. A box of sweets or a silver coin used to be traditional gifts for Diwali. However the new age management is looking at a wide range of Diwali gift ideas to make their employees and clients happy. Companies are paying more attention to what their employees are interested in and planning accordingly. These days it is not unusual to receive a voucher for a spa treatment or a gym session as a gift. Going green is also a popular concept and companies can give small potted plants as a gift. Gift cards for stores or online shopping portals are also something which is becoming popular.

A special mention has to be made here of the increasing popularity of chocolate as a Diwali gift for corporate companies. Chocolate by lieu of being perceived as more modern and upmarket are gradually outpacing sweets and dry fruits as Diwali gifts. Their considerably longer shelf life is also a factor in the popularity of chocolates as a corporate gift for Diwali.

Changing Trends in Corporate gifts for Diwali

Shopping for Diwali gifts online

As with every other sector, the advent of the internet and in particular that of e-commerce has also affected the corporate gifts industry. When companies explore gift ideas for Diwali their first source is the internet and there are a whole range of options available online. Purchasing Diwali gifts online offers many advantages to businesses. It saves a lot of time and effort. Sitting comfortably at their desks, the management can explore hundreds of gift options. It is also very easy to compare prices to find a gift that fits in your budget.

A preference for customized gifts

Customization is also something which is becoming increasingly more popular when it comes to corporate gifts. If they are choosing Diwali gifts for clients most companies prefer packaging that is customized with the company’s logo or brand name. These gifts are shown to have more of an impact on the receiver. There are even options to personalize each Diwali gift with the name of the individual recipient. It’s easy to see why these would appeal more to the person who receives them. Customized gifts indicate that someone has paid some extra attention and care in creating a gift and that is a possible reason why they are so popular.

Changing Trends in Corporate gifts for Diwali


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