The Chocolat Cremerie review

We needed a place to eat on our last day in San Diego, so we found a CUTE little place called Chocolat Cremerie!  It’s decorated very modern and, yes, “cute.”  :)

The Chocolat Cremerie review

Chocolat Cremerie originated and became world famous in Italy for its exquisite chocolates, tantalizing crepes, and scrumptious Gelato.  It was voted one of the best bistros in San Diego!!

Chocolat Cremerie

This was the place where I had my FIRST EVER Crepe!  :)  Doesn’t it look amazing?!  It TOTALLY was!!  In fact, I think about it and crave it often!  LOL  It was stuffed with Nutella  Come on…hello…DELICIOUS!!  :)

If you’re ever in San Diego, PLEASE stop in this place…you WON’T be disappointed!



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