Christmas Gift Exchange Idea

Christmas Gift Exchange Idea

Christmas Gift Exchange Idea

Do you need that perfect gift for someone but you just don’t know what to do or what to get them?  Why not make it personal, cozy, and heart warming with this adorable Gift Exchange Idea that takes no time at all to whip up!

Does you recipient love to have a relaxing night at home?  Why not create something where they can use a variety of things that will make them think of you as they chill out from a long day of work or simply just want to have some “me” time!

We put together this adorable gift that contained about 8 small gifts, all wrapped up and numbered to go along with a corresponding “poem”.  :)  Seeing the person read the post and open each gift one at a time is probably the most fun part, because that particular gift will fill in the “blank” of the poem.  :)

Christmas Gift Exchange Idea

Here is the above poem with the corresponding gifts below.  Now remember, you don’t want to list the gift in the poem itself, just have a (#) that will match the number with the corresponding wrapped gift!  :)

When it’s a cold winter day,

It’s nice if you can stay inside!

I have my (1) to burn

while cuddled up with a good (2)

and sipping and stirring (3)

in a (4) by the fireside.

I’m listening to (5) that makes you

feel warm, cozy and happy!

This is where you feel quite secure,

as there’s something about a fireside that has that cerain allure!

Where can it be more relaxing and

peaceful to spend the day?

I have my (6) to create;

therefore, as far as I’m concerned,

there is no other way!

Who cares, the snow is falling all around

as you see it slowly hit the ground.

The wind is gusting in the air,

but being inside, I don’t have a care!

I feel completely at east and am enjoying

a good (7), until tomorrow when I decide to go out

I’ll have my (8) to keep my neck warm.

  1. candle
  2. christmas movie
  3. hot chocolate
  4. blanket
  5. Christmas CD
  6. craft item (we used stamps)
  7. book
  8. scarf

When you organize the gifts in a basket to show off, don’t forget to put the ladder ones in the back!  :)


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