Cinderella movie review

Cinderella movie review


I know this movie is well over a year old, but a month or so ago I had the opportunity to watch it.  I didn’t know what to expect, because I loved the animated one SO much as a child, however, it was incredibly cute and very adorably done!

This is Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of the classic fairy in a lavish and beautiful production. This version of Cinderella doesn’t try to be “funny,” like the animated version does.  It’s literally a straight to the point story with out any fluff.  The best part?  The film never gives the impression that Cinderella just needed a prince to be happy, but what she needed was to be allowed to be herself — which is probably the most refreshing thing to see in a movie these days.

It’s definitely a movie for families and people of all ages; however I will say that maybe some parts were a little too dark for those younger kids.

I really think this was the first movie I’ve ever watched with Cate Blanchett and she definitely was NOT likable!  LOL  :)  But that’s not a bad thing per se; it definitely means that she played her part that well.

And the production and costume design — WOW.  Everything is so elegant.  The sets were wonderful, sparkly, and just glittering.  And don’t forget the effects!!

In all honesty, I didn’t expect this to be as good as it is. I never have liked the “real life” version of the animated films, up until this one.  :)


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