Cinderella Slippers idea

Cinderella Slippers idea made with the Silhouette

Cinderella Slippers idea made with the Silhouette

I just realized that I forgot to share this little project that I made for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party.  The theme was obviously Cinderella and Cinderella always needs her slippers!  :)

All I did was find a cut on the Silhouette that I could change slightly to make look like her slippers.  I will say that this was a time consuming project, but what my friend wanted to accomplish, was to make these slippers a goodie bag holder.  :)

The cut I found looked like the above when it was all put together, except for the foot strap.  I ended up cutting the strap off so the bag would fit snugly inside.

The best part was, my friend had some extra “gems” that came with some party decor that she was able to spice up the slippers with.  :)

I think they turned out so cute…and her daughter loved them too!

Cinderella's Slippers made with the Silhouette


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