Coney Island Restaurant in Mansfield, OH review

Coney Island Restaurant in Mansfield, Ohio review

Coney Island Restaurant in Mansfield, Ohio review

I’ve been eating coneys from this place for as long as I can remember; so basically I’ve pretty much been growing up on them!  :)  They’re SO delicious and really unlike any other coney I’ve ever had and I’m pretty much an expert when it comes to them!  :)

Coney Island Restaurant is located in my hometown and their coneys have always been a treat that my dad would pick up on his way home from work.  Yes, you can get carry out!  :)  You basically just walk in there and ask for a “baker’s dozen” and you’ll walk out with a bag full of 13 coneys where you can snack on one on the way home and no one would ever know.  I mean, why would a coney shop sell coneys by 13?  :)  Shhh…  :)

I know many locals that actually eat inside Coney Island, but this is something I can’t vouch for because I know there’s not a lot of room inside the establishment.  However, it’s very much like an old school diner!  :)

The trick?  You have to add pepper to them JUST before eating.  I know, that sounds weird, however it makes all the difference, I promise!  And I know 13 coneys are a lot, but they honestly warm up well in the microwave the next day!

Ever strolling through Mansfield?  Check out this gem; you won’t be disappointed!


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