Guest Blogger: Amanda – 6 Alternative Hobbies for Kids

6 Alternative Hobbies for Kids

Hi again!  It’s Amanda from the Moming About blog, where I blog about parenting, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and many other topics.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to swing by and leave a comment or go like my facebook page!

Last month I posted about 3 easy peasy e-commerce platforms and shared that I had opened my own online store selling cloth diapers.  This month we’re going in a totally different direction and talking about alternative hobbies or extracurricular activities for children!

Kids Hobbies

There seems to be two common hobbies or extracurricular activities for kids: video games and sports.  Most parents wouldn’t mind seeing their kids spend a little less time in front of a screen and a little more time doing something…well…else.

However, there are plenty of kids that aren’t into sports, which seems to be the default extra curricular.  Obviously, not all adults are athletic or coordinated or into sports.  So, why should we expect all children to be?

Here’s a list of 6 alternative hobbies or extra curricular activities.

1. Star gazing

My 4 year-old has always been fascinated by the night sky and I’m sure there are many other kids who are, too.  Star gazing and other astronomy related stuff is a great hobby for kids.  Kids can learn and search for constellations, learn about different kinds of stars,

Kids can also learn about other planets in our solar system, collect space rocks, go to a planetarium, and so much more.

2. Collecting Things

There are so many different things your child could collect and, therefore, learn about.  Coins, rocks, baseball cards, comic books, and so on.  There’s even a Kids Guide to Collecting, if you think this is something your kid my be interested in.

3. Reading

I recently posted tips for getting your kid to enjoy reading, and if it’s something your child enjoys then this might be their hobby.  Because…why not?  There are how to books, autobiographies, fantastical fiction, and so much more.  A child’s fascination with books could spin off into yet another hobby, even, depending on what they’re learning from their reading.

4. Cooking

There truly are children who love to cook.  If your child is one of them, get them involved in meal time, food prep, etc.  Enroll them in a class and buy them recipe books.  Make them responsible for pack their own lunch or in charge of dinner 1 to 2 nights a week.  Help them, as needed, and fuel their passion.

5. Art

This, again, encompasses a very broad spectrum.  Your child might enjoy painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, or something else.  These children would benefit from books and classes or lessons related to their passion, being part of a club or organization related to their hobby, and encouragement from you!  You can also help by providing the supplies they need and encouraging experimentation.

6. Performing Arts

Singing, dancing, or playing an instrument are other alternatives to consider.  There are also many children that participate in or have an interest in a combination of the three.  There is, of course, theater arts and acting which may or may not include singing or dancing.  These children benefit from classes, one on one lessons, competitions, and joining clubs or organizations related to their hobby.

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