Guest Blogger: Brooke – Polymer Clay Earrings tutorial

Polymer Clay Earrings tutorial

It is always so much fun to come Join Jess as a guest contributor.

I am coming over from Artistic Endeavors 101.

Today I wanted to share a quick pair of earrings.

With spring on its way, these will brighten any outfit.

Polymer Clay Earrings tutorial

Pick up some Sculpey polymer clay in any colors you like.

A Pair of Quick and Easy Polymer Clay Earrings

You will also need:

A toaster oven used for clay only

A can or cylinder to roll out the clay

Piece of plastic or Plexiglas devoted to clay to roll the clay onto

Clay flower shape cutter (you can use a cookie cutter or a special flower cutter tool)

You can also find flower cutter shapes in the cake decorating aisle of your favorite craft store.

jump rings

Earring wires


A Pair of Quick and Easy Polymer Clay Earrings

Condition your clay.

Do this by breaking off a small piece and squeeze and roll it in your hands until it becomes soft and pliable.

Roll the clay out to an even thickness that you like.

I like it a tiny bit thicker for intricate shapes like this flower.

Use your cutter shape to cut out 2 flower shapes.

If they do not cut cleanly, you can use the toothpick while it is still on your piece of Plexiglas to clean up the edges.

Poke a hole into each flower for the jump ring.

Condition another clay color.

Roll 2 small pea sized pieces of clay and press each onto the center of each flower.


A Pair of Quick and Easy Polymer Clay Earrings

Follow manufacturer’s directions for baking in the toaster oven.

Once the pieces are cool, add jump rings and earring wires.


An easy pair of earrings….

This would make a great party craft for kids over 4 years old.

For easy clean up, wipe hands with baby wipes before washing them.

I hope you give them a try.

I’d love if you hop on over to


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