Guest Blogger: Brooke – Christmas Tree Ornaments tutorial

Christmas Tree Ornaments tutorial

I am happy to join Jess again today to share a few easy Christmas tree ornaments.

Where I live, here is still a large following for primitive country décor.

I added some glass beads, wire and fabric strips to simple rusty tin shapes to make these fun ornaments.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I just wrap the wire around the shape and add a few glass beads.

I make a hook with the other end of the wire for hanging.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love the farm animal shapes.

I use either copper wire or aluminum wire.

They are both really easy to work with.

You can use needle nose pliers but I usually just use my hands.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I also do simple country shapes.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I use both true rusty shapes and faux rusty finished shapes.


I love the moose shape.

It is fun to wind the wire and beads around the antlers.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I do snowmen and snowflakes as well.

If there is a hole in the tin, I use it to put the wire through to hold it in place.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

The next little snowflake was actually from a garland.

I cut the garland apart really close to the shape on one side and then used the longer piece to twist around and make a hanger.

I glittered this one lightly with glittering glue and fine blue glitter.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

The last one has glitter done differently.

I used a fine tipped glue bottle to squeeze it on and them sprinkled the glitter on.

This method allows for more detailed application…

Christmas Tree Ornaments

These ornaments are quick and easy to do as last minute gifts. They make great package toppers as well.

Thanks so much for letting me stop by Jess!

Merry Christmas…

Christmas Tree Ornaments


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  • These are truly cute and original. I love the pig and snowman ones the most!

  • the ones with beads look very unusual; I’ve never seen anything like this before…

  • This is a cute idea. I bet this was so fun making. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • how cute…I love homemade ornaments.



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